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    Ever wonder where Google gets its values for ancient measures; or for that matter where Wikipedia does?

    Most people don't realize that all the ancient systems were commensurate with themselves and the size of the earth because one of the tools they used to measure distances with was the pendulum.

    Roland Boucher

    The length of a 1 second pendulum at 45 degrees N is two Sumerian cubits measuring 10 hands or 1 meter.

    The Greek Stadion, the Roman Stadium and the English Furlong were 1/10 of a minute of degree

    A degree of the Earths circumference at the equator was 75 Roman miles or 111 km making its total circumference 40,000 stadia.

    Herodotus reports a measure of an Aroura or a thousand of land in use in Egypt which was the same as the Greek mia chilios or thousand of land being the area of a field plowed boustrehedron in ten rows of 100 orquia with the orquia a fathom of 6 Greek feet or pous and the field measuring a stadia in length by a perch in width

    An important application of measures of distance from the earliest times was for the calculation of areas of land, but there is considerable doubt as to what was the original unit, and whether this was a square, or in the form of a rectangle one stadium in length and one tenth of a stadium in width. In the latter case there would have been ten measures in a square stadium, and 1,000 measures in a square geographical mile, and such a measure would seem quite in accord with the ancient system of measures of distance. Its area would have been 40 X 400 geographical cubits (36 X 360 Babylonian Royal cubits), or 0.847 English statute acre. There is a very widely distributed type of land measures based on a rectangle of this form, of which the English acre is an instance, as it measures 44 X 440 English cubits.
    Scientific American Supplement Volume 81

    English Measures of Length*

    The History of Their Origin and Development

    Bv Colonel Sir Charles M. Watson

    Live Free or Die --- Investigate, Incarcerate

    by rktect on Mon Mar 25, 2013 at 02:48:22 AM PDT

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