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View Diary: Everything wrong with this country happened this morning on my Facebook page. (276 comments)

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  •  I boycotted starbucks (4+ / 0-)
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    Shahryar, Dave925, klamothe, Little

    years ago, in fact I have never set foot in one other then buying  a latte from them once.  They suck and are not even close to a far left cultural phenomenon of Seattle. They take money out of the communities, put small coffee shops out of business, and are horrible to their employees.  As for Facebook and RW bs  sent around the net well just put them in your spam or befriend them or whatever........ Stupid to even mess with this level of the RW insanity, why rise to the bait?

     As a far lefty, I find it laughable that people think they should defend Starbucks. Talk about misplaced debunking. The HR's on Little are absurd. The RW lies are absurd but that doesn't mean that there are not legitimate reasons boycotting Statbuck's. Frapachino's being up their on the list. Since when can you get HR'ed for not showing respect for a corporation that like Whole Paycheck may be yuppie but sure as hell isn't part of the left culturally or business wise.        

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