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  •  The LDS church (2+ / 0-)
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    koseighty, Dretutz

    is the last 'religion' (cult) that should get all tweaked about other peoples sex lives or the sanctity of marriage and family. The underwear alone creeps me right out not to mention their misogynous/bigoted history. Ask me Satan was the one speaking from that hat. Nah, it was just pervy Joesph talking through his hat. The fundamentalist religious cults seem to have gone into full tilt ignorance, hate, fear and brimstone mode these days.

    Too bad they are given any equivalence in our body politic. Then again, true believers and fanatics are a great block for authoritarian demagogues who claim divine authority. Marriage equality and secular government is way too democratic for those who build their families for a better place in heavens hierarchy.        

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