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View Diary: On the 'Vindication' of Marx *updated (208 comments)

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  •  Some truth, in that he dealt with political-econom (3+ / 0-)

    y (as he called it), but concluded the latter determined the former (a more simplistic explanantion of historical materials as developed by Marx in critiquing Hegel iirc.  A more formal explcation = the means of production determines the organizational structures of human acitivity, family to society, i.e. politics).  Given that, it is easy to think that he thought of himself as a economist (and dismiss the political end of things).  

    In fact, however, he was neither - he certainly saw himself as a philosopher (esepcially in the earlier years).  It might  be best to think of him as a philosopher who also  (primarily by inclusion of what we would call statistical and sociological data in formulating and explaining his philosophy of politcal-economy) helped move politics, economists and sociology from natural philosophy to science.

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