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    It was brought up today on CSPAN just how few the number of members of both houses AND the presidency have actual experience of having served in the military, compared to the number who had served prior to abolishing the draft in 1973.  Our involvement in Syria, however small, appears to be a done deal.  

    Charles Rangel has asked to have the draft reinstated PRIOR to our involvement in Syria.  I agree with him for a number of reasons, but not necessarily for all the reasons he has stated.  See:

    First, without trying to sound like I don't appreciate those who sign up, I do, but let's face it.  None are from the "upper class" with "higher educations" and "higher aspirations."  Many of the current enlistees enlist because they could not find work, come from poor families, never even graduated high school, or what schooling they had in their home communities were less than adequate to make military-grade decisions.  Some behave like loose cannons as was evidenced by the conduct of those who tortured and abused prisoners, and such as those who flew the choppers and indiscriminately shot up and killed civilians, the video of which was released by Bradley Manning and resulted in his imprisonment.  There are reasons so many who serve come home and commit suicide or turn to deviant behavior, and I attribute that to a lack of adequate leadership, and failure to control and properly direct these "loose cannons."

    Second, unless we return to the draft, we will continue  to have a complete lack of representation in government by anyone who has first-hand knowledge of what military service really looks like.  And here I agree with Rangel, we will also have an entire country where only a limited number of Americans know what it is to serve.

    Do I agree with the U.S. getting involved in Syria, even in a minimal capacity?  I have mixed feelings, but I agree that to do nothing is not an option.  I fear, however, that the "minimal" could escalate, and I'm not sure what our response will be in that event.  

    Whatever happens, I'd hope that the draft gets reinstated before hand so that our next group of congressmen and women will have more intelligent questions for future actions than what I've seen today.

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