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  •  I agree (10+ / 0-)

    but he's got me scared as well.

    As anyone can tell you, lately I've been pegged a 'bot.

    And I support the President, just not absolutely or without question.

    I just don't understand the rush right now.  

    This is a President that has been excruciating in his thoughtfulness, all about talking and working together and getting everything in a row and getting everyone on board.

    At times I've wanted to pull my hair out over all of the deliberation and caution and capitulation for the sake of congress' votes (which he never gets).

    Now, when we're talking about military action he's in a hurry?  Can't wait for consensus?  Isn't interested in Congress' input?  Doesn't care what the world thinks?

    McCain?:  We'd still be in Iraq, and surging in Afghanistan, and would have bombed Iran and now Syria.

    Romney would have bombed someone his first week in office.

    The rest of the field would be deferring to whatever neocon they chose for their SOS.  Who of course would have already been itching for an excuse to bomb something.  Most assuredly a clusterfuck.

    But I'm worried right now.  

    Obama destroys his legacy if he goes in there and it becomes flypaper and we can't get out of there.

     Or it's a powderkeg and the region explodes (he's already getting blamed for the crash of the "Arab Spring", as if he was responsible for its success/failure).  Or a host of civilians die.  

    Or Assad decides to use more chemical weapons.  

    Or someone bombs Israel in retaliation.  Or Israel gets stupid and starts a bombing campaign (they want to bomb Iran because they might develop nukes; Assad already has chemical weapons stock).

    I just can't stand the entire idea of this, and I am worried about the whole tenor of the WH message, about going it alone, the UN council doesn't matter because of China and Russia, etc.

    That doesn't sound like Barack Obama talking.  Whose words are they?

    I just don't want this to be happening.  Too bad for me, I guess.

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