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    I think I've had practice at this point!  :D

    The only time where I just let the new pootie off and running without barrier was when it was just Pootie #1 and the Princess.  But the Princess' personality is so sweet and low-key that even Pootie #1 was able to get used to her (although begrudgingly).  But still, I did confine her to just four rooms in the house at first, and Pootie #1 was the only one who got to share the bed at night so he didn't feel displaced and he continued to get his one-on-one time that he was so used to.

    Mushu self-confined himself.  He stuck to just three rooms without venturing into the livingroom for about 2 months.  It could be that the rooms he stuck with are actually the warmest rooms in the house and it was his first winter indoors in a while.

    But with the last three, they got their safe rooms and slow intros.

    Goal has always been pack harmony.  :)

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    by kishik on Sat Sep 07, 2013 at 01:32:52 PM PDT

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