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View Diary: David Frum shows how Twilight Sparkle, I mean Ted Cruz, could become president (178 comments)

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    When you start out with no internal logic, it is possible to convince yourself of anything. Remember the last presidential election? Every week there was a new nutjob leader of the pack -- Bachmann, Perry, even Herman Cain. They derided Romney as not a "real" conservative for 10 months (it only seemed like a century). Then the GOP powers that be selected Mittens again, and suddenly he was the great white hope.

    Even though Mormons are called a cult of the devil in most fundy churches, they held up Mittens as the consummate "family values" candidate who would save us all from the evils of teh gay and ensure an unlimited supply of guns and ammo.

    If you had been raised in that environment (as I was), you wouldn't be at all surprised that the birthers not only overlook the Cruzer being born in Canada, they can even forget that his daddy is MESSICAN. Their rationalizations defy logic, but true believers aren't bothered by such small things.

    The reason they were the good old days: we were neither good nor old.

    by carolita on Sun Oct 27, 2013 at 03:42:47 PM PDT

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