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View Diary: House Republicans Attempt To Take Control Of California Water (261 comments)

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  •  Here's a plan using old technology (0+ / 0-)

    Without re-inventing the wheel we can kill multiple birds with one stone.  Of course it won't happen but in my dreams:

    Create a  nationwide infrastructure building project building a series of aqueducts and reservoirs that will take excess water from the flood prone areas of the country to the drought stricken places.  This would employ people while being built, prevent massive annual flooding (and top soil loss not to mention the insurance claims for flood damage), get water to the areas in need thus producing arable land to help with the food supply and lessen the wildfires.

    •  Simpler: People move. (4+ / 0-)
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      Odysseus, ypochris, Kickemout, StrayCat

      With global climate change / climate instability / climate weirding, trying to engineer a guarantee that humans can continue to live the same lifestyle as before, all over the planet, is a losing proposition. It's difficult to predict whether the same rivers that flooded last year will flood ten or twenty years from now (which is the time frame for building elaborate engineering systems). And the energy to run all that (and the physical resources to build it) exceed what's available.

      Historically, people have migrated to where life was more sustainable, and agriculture and fishing and water are a major part of that.

      In the short run, prioritizing -- golf courses are at the bottom of my list -- would help. But that means decisions which are political dynamite, so it probably won't happen.

    •  probably not enough water in those places (2+ / 0-)
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      kurt, Creosote

      to make up for the areas of the country that are drawing water far too quickly.

      Remember that a lot of the fresh water this country has access to is from aquifers that were created during the ice ages. Once it's gone, it's gone.

      The amount of water from all the country's above-ground fresh water sources probably can't make up for how much water is drawn from our aquifers.

      We need to change where and how we grow things, and where and how we build cities. Places like Las Vegas (in its current form) and desert farms in California can't exist if we want to ensure this country has enough water for decades in the future until technology can be created that can efficiently desalinate water from the ocean. Such technology is too inefficient and costly today to use in abundance.

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