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    When I said "2 million jobs is a blip on the radar," I didn't mean to suggest that each and every job isn't important. They all are. But if you don't want a job, why should you be forced to work so that you (and your family, if you have one) won't be put at risk if you get sick?

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      that if you can work, and you can get a job, that is what you should do rather than have taxpayers support you and your family.  That's your responsibility.    

      A lot of people in this country don't want to work.  A lot of people in this country can think of a whole lot of other things they'd rather do than get up every morning and go to a job.  But they do because they think they are responsible to support themselves and their families.

      Yes, I do think people who don't want to work but are able to do so should work if that is what is necessary to support themselves and their families.  I do not think it should generally be an option for people who have no independent source of income to say, "Yes, I could get a job if I wanted to, but I don't want to work so I won't work, and I'll let the taxpayers take care of my medical needs."  

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