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View Diary: Yes, this site is for electing Democrats (26 comments)

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    I didn't suggest you said it should be a third party site. I was using examples of prior appeals by others as examples of people who embraced a sea change in this site's purpose.

    This site has always supported some independent candidates where it was consistent with "more and better Democrats"; Sanders comes to mind. He is the de facto Democratic candidate in that race. Opposing Lincoln was a primary issue which was perfectly legitimate because most wanted a "better" Democrat.

    The nut of your proposition was this:

    I'm going to suggest that the mandate to "elect Democrats" does not forbid, and in fact requires members of this site to consider when denying votes to Democrats is in fact in service to the Democratic party.

    There are two ways to "deny a vote". Stay home or vote for someone other than the Democratic Party. There are no rules here about encouraging people to stay home on Election Day, as far as I know. However, advocating for a third party is bannable.

    So frankly, this site already allows what you're suggesting, short of advocating third party.

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