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Vote Forward is the most popular GOTV activity at Daily Kos

Vote Forward has an ambitious goal of sending 10 million letters in October to Democratic-leaning voters in the swing states. You can write these on your own time, in the privacy of your home.

You just say how many voters you are willing to adopt, print out the letters, write them and then keep them in a safe place. In October, you drop them in the mailbox with the Big Send.

Click here to sign up or log into your Vote Forward account.

Mobilize: Your one-stop shop for this election

There are thousands of elections on the ballot this year, and Democratic campaigns all over the country need your help to get out the vote.

Mobilize is your one-stop shop to get connected with campaigns anywhere in the country that need volunteers to call, text, write, and knock on doors.

Click here to view GOTV opportunities near you.

VOLUNTEER ONLINE: Click here to find virtual get-out-the-vote events

Fight voter suppression with Election Protection

With voters swarming the polls this fall, we need volunteers to ensure they are not unfairly turned away and can have their voices heard.

There’s a role for everyone — whether it’s helping voters from home, assisting voters safely in person, or tracking online disinformation.

Sign up today to be a nonpartisan Election Protection volunteer.

Postcards to Swing States

Writing postcards to Democratic-leaning voters is one of the most popular get-out-the-vote activities at Daily Kos.

At Postcards to Swing States, you can write "please vote" messages to Democrats in 42 target House districts.

Click to volunteer today and then order your postcards here.

At Blue Wave Postcards, you can order postcards to certain battleground states.

Postcards for Climate is another great organization where you can write postcards to make sure people who care about climate vote in November. Choose from state and local races with elections this November where progress on climate is possible, but only if climate voters show up. Click here to get involved

Phonebank with MoveOn and Sister District

Phonebanking is the most direct way you can effectively mobilize Democratic turnout, and many organizations offer remote phonebanking you can do from your computer.

MoveOn: MoveOn runs phonebanks every Tuesday & Thursday up and down the ballot. We call voters in key battleground states and districts who could make the difference in this midterm election. As a phone bank volunteer, you will help voters channel their righteous anger from the recent Supreme Court decisions, the January 6 hearings, and more into concrete plans to vote.

Click here to make remote phone calls with MoveOn.

Sister District: The battle to control state legislatures is one of the most overlooked & underrated efforts, where a few votes can make a decisive impact. Sister District does a superb job mobilizing Democrats in these races, and have a top-notch phonebanking team to make calls

Click here to make remote phone calls with Sister District to flip state legislatures.

Click here to get involved in other Sister District activities. They have local chapters in deep-blue places where you "adopt" a battleground district.

Fight for abortion rights at the ballot

Abortion is on the ballot in all 50 states, wherever a state or congressional candidate threatens reproductive freedom.

But two states—Michigan and Kentucky—will have ballot measures on abortion. We are playing offense in Michigan, and defense in Kentucky. Regardless, we need you invovled in all campaigns—either in-person, or virtually online.

Click to volunteer to with Reproductive Freedom for All - Michigan's amendment to protect abortion rights.

Click to volunteer to with No on 2 - Protect Kentucky access, to defeat an anti-abortion amendment on the ballot.

Chip in to support these organizations who are raising funds for those needing reproductive care.

STAY TUNED for other abortion-related opportunities.

Help elect Cheri Beasley and North Carolina Democrats

Just like we helped Democrats flip Georgia in 2020, North Carolina can be next. And we can elect Cheri Beasley to flip a GOP-held Senate seat.

Click to do virtual phonebanking for Cheri Beasley

Sign up for other volunteer efforts to help North Carolina Democrats

Click here to volunteer with nonprofits in North Carolina who are doing voter mobilization.

Re-elect Mark Kelly and all Arizona Democrats

U.S. Senator Mark Kelly is running for a full term, against a dangerous MAGA extremist. Arizona also has a governor's race where a MAGA extremist is running, and key state legislative races too.

Click to do virtual phonebanking to help re-elect Mark Kelly.

Click to find other volunteer opportunities to help the Democratic ticket in Arizona.

Click to volunteer with nonprofit groups in Arizona who are doing voter outreach.

Get out the Democratic vote in Michigan

Michigan's Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer is running for re-election against a dangerous MAGA extremist, and the Republican controlled state legislature can flip blue if we get out the Democratic vote. In addition, a key abortion rights measure will be on the ballot.

Click to volunteer for Democratic Party events in Michigan - on the ground or virtually.

Click to volunteer to defend abortion rights in Michigan

Get out the vote in WISCONSIN

Wisconsin is the ulimate tipping-point state, and November is key. We can flip a Senate seat blue by electing Mandela Barnes, re-elect Democratic governor Tony Evers & protect his veto by blocking dangerous MAGA extremists from seizing a supermajority in a very gerrymandered state.

Knock on doors, make phone calls or send texts with the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

Peer-to-peer outreach

SwipeBlue is an innovative smartphone app that allows you to access voter information of your friends & family, and contact them about voting this November.

Click here to download SwipeBlue, and start reaching out to friends & family.

Daily Kos Elections endorses outstanding candidates in critical races

The Daily Kos Elections team endorses candidates and campaigns at federal, state, and sometimes even local levels. Our support helps us spread the word to voters and generate significant financial support for these worthy campaigns.

Our slates this year include candidates for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House, along with progressive candidates running to serve as a state Supreme Court justice, Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General. We are also promoting ballot measures to protect access to abortion.

View this Daily Kos Endorsements page for the latest posts

Donate to our endorsed candidates and campaigns

Work with a GOTV Action Coach

We all want to help get out the Democratic vote, but many of us don't know where to start. TogetherWeElect will help you make your greatest impact.

Sign up for a session with one of our super-friendly action coaches.You’ll get a link to a Zoom session with a coach (yes, a live person!) who will explain available activities and actions that you can do that can make a difference. They’ll work with you to pick activities that best fit your skills, interests and schedule.

Check your voter registration

Our friends at VoteAmerica host your one-stop shop in all 50 states to check your voter registration, and request an absentee ballot. Even if you are already covered, make sure your friends & family are too by sharing them these links.

Click here to verify your registration status.

Click here to register to vote.

Click here to find your polling place.

Click here to request an absentee ballot.

Are you an American citizen living abroad? Click here to request an absentee ballot.

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