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North Charleston- SC- Hungryneck Straphangers has a CARTA with the Candidates (For Congress) Ride ride set for tomarrow morning (Thur. Feb. 28), leaving at  7:36 am from the N. Charleston Kmart on the CARTA Express 1.  We'll take that bus all the way to James Island, where we'll pick up another load of rider/voters and return with the candidate to Charleston all on the same bus.

The candidates will either return to N. Charleston on the Express 1 or take the regular CARTA #10 depending on the passenger load.

Ric Bryant(R) is committed to ride on Feb. 28 at this time.  All candidates are welcome.

There is a special congressional election here to fill the Congressional seat vacated by Tim Scott(R), who was chosen by Governor Nikki Haley to replace Jim DeMint, who resigned from his seat in the US Senate to run the Heratige Foundation after being reelected in 2010 in a race made famous by the presence of Alvin Greene, the mentally challenged unknown who won the Democratic Primary while under indictment for displaying pornography in a College Dorm.  20 candidates are running in the Primaries including former Governor Mark Sanford(R), Teddy Turner(R, son of former CNN owner Ted Turner, teacher & philanthropist) and Elizabeth Colbert Busch(D, sister of TV Personality Stephen Colbert and local business woman.)

This is the Facebook signup for the ride http://www.facebook.com/...

Today we'll be handing out hundreds of post cards at bus stops throughout the area asking bus riders, people working in our hospitaltiy industry and others asking them to encourage the remaining 12 Candidates to ride the bus with us.  

5 Candidates have ridden CARTA with us thus far: Turner(R), Hoffman(R), Moffly(R), Carter Center(G) and Larkin(R)
Rick Bryant(R) has committed to ride Tomarrow
Colbert Busch(D) is scheduling her ride this week for a date probably in March
One Republican has indicated he doesn't plan to ride and opposes public transportation.  He also wishes to privatize the road system
1 Democrat, 1 Green and 10 Republicans haven't responded yet.

Full information on the effort, including images and the status of individual candidates can be found at  http://busec.org/...


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