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White House Switchboard (202) 456-1111

I was really amazed when I posted my $710.00 post regarding my question as to where am I supposed to cut next from my already sparse lifestyle.

Not to imply I did not appreciate the suggestions.

But. It was flooded with suggestions, most well meaning, on how I could just cinch my belt a little tighter if I make more sacrifices to functionality and labor involved.

The problem with that is I am physically challenged. I'm here now with food in my fridge and my pantry that needs to be prepared to eat. I have to make pretty much everything from scratch. Because not only do I have prolific food sensitivities and allergies. I can not afford convenience foods. But in the last week this has presented a problem for me.

I have regular medical issues that will pop up that keep me from even doing a simple task like cooking. My back went out on the second. I tried to ignore it and push on but that only made it worse. So unless I'm in a reclined position and I do not move I'm in pain. I also have mobility issues as the joints keep deciding they do not want to work smoothly so they lock during normal range of motion.

So standing at my kitchenette and preparing a meal is literally out of the question. I managed a fry up last night by lowering the temp on the pan really low so I would not have to stand up as often to tend it.

But if you think putting off cooking and therefore eating all day is easy to do it is not. But I'm disabled so this is how it is. It isn't an excuse it is just a fact.

As it is for my neighbors and millions of others in this country. Millions doomed to penury to satisfy an unending lust for greed.

Programs that help my neighbors confined by respiratory or other medical equipment get to make sacrifices anyway. Their meals on wheels program is being impacted by sequester as we speak. They won't run out of funds until October. But why should those of us living on the margins continue to sacrifice?

Sodexo & Meals on Wheels Come Together for Servathon/National Volunteer Month


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The Meals on Wheels program in Tarrant County has already been hard hit by shrinking government grants, losing $400,000 from agencies ranging from the Texas Department of Agriculture to the Area Agency on Aging since 2011.

Now the program that delivered its 16 millionth meal in Tarrant County on Tuesday could lose another $100,000 through the across-the-board government spending cuts, unless members of Congress are able to restore funding.

Local program officials are trying to find cuts they can make within the agency to save money that won't impact the meals that are delivered to more than 4,000 elderly or homebound people in Tarrant County nearly every day.

We have the wealth.

DailyKos Blogathon -- Week of April 8th

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Wednesday, April 10
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1. Call your senators and representatives and tell them "Hell No!" with a priority on contacting senators.  U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.  You can find email contact information here

2.  Contact the White House and tell them "Hell No!".  Switchboard: 202-456-1414.  Email contact page is here.

3.  Petitions.  There are a number of petitions available.  Choose from the following or preferably sign them all.

a. White House petition calling for no cuts to Social Security.
b. AFL-CIO petition calling for no cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and calling for more jobs, repealing the sequester and ending tax loopholes for the wealthiest individuals and corporations.
c. Sen. Harkin's petition telling Pres. Obama not to cut Social Security.

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Originally posted to Pushing back at the Grand Bargain on Mon Apr 08, 2013 at 01:00 PM PDT.

Also republished by Income Inequality Kos and Occupy Wall Street.

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