The White House announced that President Obama will make a statement on Syria at 1:15 PM ET on Syria. It seems unlikely he'll be announcing the beginning of hostilities, according to The Hill:

President Obama will make a statement on Syria early Saturday afternoon as the administration lays the groundwork for military strikes in response to alleged use of chemical weapons by Bashar Assad's regime.

The president is not expected to discuss imminent military operations in Syria, but to instead update the nation about his decisions on how to proceed.

10:37 AM PT: Waiting. Waiting. For those of you who don't want to listen to the pundit chatter on MSNBC, there's also a livestream available from the White house here.

10:38 AM PT:
Obama Weighing All Your Tweets Before Statement

10:48 AM PT:
RT @ap: BREAKING: AP sources say Obama is considering seeking congressional authorization for action against Syria.


10:52 AM PT: The president begins, going over the evidence Secretary of State John Kerry gave yesterday. Adds that this is a national security risk for America and our allies. "This menace must be confronted." We must intervene, no boots on the ground. "Limited in scope."

10:54 AM PT: "We are prepared to strike whenever we choose." It will be effective any time, not time-sensitive. But we are a government of the people. "I will seek an authorization for the use of force" from Congress.

10:56 AM PT: His administration will supply Congressional members with all the information they need. He's confident in the case he's made, he's comfortable going forward without UN approval. But he still will seek Congressional approval even though he believes his office has the authority to act.

10:57 AM PT: What message will we send if dictators can gas children without paying a price? he asks." This has implications beyond chemical warfare." How can we stand up to other governments if we let this pass? "We cannot raise our children in a world where we do not follow through on the things we say."

11:00 AM PT: "I believe the people's representatives must be invested in what this country does abroad."

11:00 AM PT (Laura Clawson): "To all members of Congress in both parties, I ask you to take this vote for our national security. I am looking forward to the debate." Asks Congress to rise above partisanship. "We lead with the belief that right makes might, not the other way around."

11:02 AM PT: Bottom line, now that he's done: He will seek Congressional approval for action, but still fully believes there is presidential authority to act without it. He is confident Congressional leaders will vote for action once all the evidence is presented to them.

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