I'm sure it's been all over the Interwebs as a game/meme/whatever it's called, but I saw it last night on a friend's page (thanks Paul!) and decided to share here. Oh yeah, it's musical, which I haven't done in a while... follow me below the dingledoodle squigglie dKosagnocchi dividerthingie fold after a word from our sponsor...


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It's pretty simple, really:

Name five songs you think everyone should have on their mp3 player. Each song needs to be a different genre.

Here's what I came up with off the top of my head. Which is to say, if I did it again now, I'd choose between one and five of them differently:

Classical: Symphony #9/Ode To Joy - Beethoven
Big Band: Sing Sing Sing - Louis Prima (covered by Benny Goodman)
Rock: Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
Folk: Blowin' in the Wind - Bob Dylan
New Age - Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield
There are many, many songs that could fill those genres. There are genres upon genres that could fill just the single word "Rock", and if I'd had more time today I'd done a top 5 rock-subgenre songs. However, K1 had the State swim meet today, and that's where I was :).

What are your 5 musical must-haves at this particular moment?

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The top comment is the actual poster in annieli's comment, but the intro is needed!!!
From Steveningen:
In my diary Mary Cheney and wife give Liz a piece of their minds, jayden responded to a comment wondering if the airing of family disputes over the issue of marriage equality was appropriate. A serious case as to why it certainly was appropriate was made.
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Laura Clawson brings us stupidity on parade. Mokurai brings a good solution.

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