A couple more small updates this evening:

Minnesota: Nominal private increase; Medicaid up 10%

Pretty slim pickings hereon the private enrollment front (up just 141 assuming "slightly more than 26K" = 26,001), but the Medicaid number is up 9.6% to 45,981.

Despite MNsure's problems, so far 71,982 people have signed up for insurance coverage through the exchange. According to newly released demographic details, 53 percent are women and the median age is 48. The largest number signed up for mid-level "silver" plans — about 35 percent of total enrollees. Of those nearly 72,000 enrollees, slightly more than 26,000 signed up for private insurance while the rest are on public plans.

Massachusetts: Up 24% in 8 days, but don't get too excited...

The prior MA update was extremely confusing; this one is more straightforward but is still pretty fuzzy. As far as I can tell, Massachusetts increased their private enrollments by 24% from Dec. 30 to Jan. 7...but that only brings them up from 3,759 to 4,676. There's another 22,000 or so enrollments in semi-limbo which appear to be approved but not fully processed due to the technical problems they continue to have.

The Republican/MassLive.com previously reported that as of Dec. 30, only 497 people were enrolled in permanent subsidized health insurance plans. The state was providing temporary insurance for another 22,000 new enrollees while it worked to process their applications. The state had extended coverage for existing customers of its Commonwealth Care plans through March 31.

Lefferts said that as of Jan. 7, 4,676 people enrolled in both subsidized and unsubsidized plans through the Health Connector, up from 3,759 as of Dec. 30. He did not have a breakdown of how many of those were subsidized. Individuals whose plans are not subsidized have until Friday to pay their premiums, so that number is likely to tick up.

In addition, the ACASignups.net site has some additional features added as of today:

--I've added Site Search to the right-hand side

--I've also added tag links for all 50 states (+DC) for quick access to any entries for that state (note that I still have to back-fill most entries from before Christmas, so most states will only have 1 entry)

--I've added quick-share links to each entry for Twitter, Facebook, etc.

--I've added a Files/Reports page with direct links to assorted PDF reports from CMS, HHS, CBO, etc. (including the mysterious CMS state-by-state projection report)

--I've added a standard contact form in addition to the update submission form

--Finally, on the spreadsheet itself you'll see a brand-new column: Under 26ers on their Parents Plan! I was able to break this down state-by-state based on the HHS (which is actually from June 2012 and should really be updated by HHS...)

Adding this to the actual spreadsheet allows me to keep a running full total tally of all 4 categories (Private/Exchange; Private/Direct; Medicaid/CHIP and Sub26ers.

Believe it or not, there's actually a fifth category which I'm not even going to try getting into: Small Business exchange enrollments. That gets really deep into the weeds.

Anyway, comments welcome! ACASignups.net

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