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It’s not necessary to love a person to find some areas of agreement and common experiences: NSA spying victims, under-employment, unregulated Wall Street Banker caused recession, and our First ...
by The Reasonable Voice
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All the rhetoric about ISIS operations in every state, does not frighten me nearly as much as the good citizens of my own state. Ohio has several new proposed gun laws that you may find shocking. If ...
by Dorothy Weigel
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I'll make you a deal,
by Hunter
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Should we invite her in, Wisdom proves a most dutiful senior partner. Are you shocked at academics who’ve just discovered descendants of slave owners and the enslaved are still waging war, or ...
by The Reasonable Voice
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A new study recently published in Behavioral Sciences and the Law finds that far too many adults with anger issues also have access ...
by Walter Einenkel
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The trial of Craig Stephen Hicks who killed three neighbors over a disagreement about use of a parking space in the condominium where they all lived has begun. North Carolina Killing Detailed gives ...
by arodb
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Feel safer yet? David Hemenway, director of Harvard's Injury Control Research Center, attempted to find out whether there was in fact a scientific consensus for or against the National Rifle ...
by Hunter
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by Audreybeardsley
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When the judge struck down part of The Safe Act he noted that the limitations the law set on magazine size were arbitrary. What is a reasonable size for a firearm magazine for civilian use? Most ...
by ATexican
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Go to this URL http://mediamatters.org/blog/2015/03/19/nra-affiliate-is-so-scared-of-this-gun-safety-v/202962 Video of potential gun buyers learning history of firearms they are considering for ...
by ATexican
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In case you missed it, several of the NRA's Facebook fans responded to Gabby Giffords' renewed push for universal background checks with vicious death threats . Unless I missed something, thus far, ...
by Christian Dem in NC
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Noooooooooooo. Hey look, America's gun fetishists are sprinting to their local stores to buy armor-piercing bullets because ...
by Hunter
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The New York Times reports today that gun advocates are pushing to legalize firearms on college campuses.
by blueingreene
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Very brief diary -- more info should be available later. Three UNC students, identified as "young Muslims" were shot to death in an apartment in Chapel Hill, NC. A family of three young Muslims ...
by Old Redneck
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I am continually amazed at the way in which aggressive dangerous people with guns are protected in Florida, and the rights of people to be safe - including children - are not. The latest incident ...
by tsackton
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By the end of the day you will know about this commercial, a "Public Service Announcement" by the N.F.L. to be aired during the Super Bowl, intended to demonstrate the N.F.L.'s supposed commitment ...
by Dartagnan
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Texas, where you may need to shoot someone at any moment. This may be the most Texas thing I have ever heard . The Lone ...
by Hunter
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Add this to the list of ...
by Hunter
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by Desi
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To be an American. To have such an enormous effect on the entire world. Oh, America, the powerful! We see your wonderful power in the wild environs in France where a bloody, bullet-flying ...
by Karen Hedwig Backman
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