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Every day, there is another example of the conspiracy of silence that pervades the traditional media's description of the current economic crisis. Sure, de-regulation, greed and pure stupidity ...
by Tasini
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There she was, thrown to the pavement by a Republican in a checkered shirt. Another Republican thrusts his foot in between her legs and presses down with all his weight to pin her to the curb. Then ...
by Michael Moore
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Brilliant, as usual, watch your Senator from Massachusetts and enjoy. Sen. Warren: "Are you telling me you can't raise your prices by eight cents?" At a Senate hearing on raising the ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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[http://www.tampabay.com/news/obituaries/hit-and-run-victim-was-quiet-and-dependable-co-workers-say/1124721 This story] has been percolating through the blogosphere today, so if you've already seen ...
by Auntie Neo Kawn
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Teachers' hefty salaries are driving up taxes, and they only work nine or ten months a year! It's time we put things in perspective and pay them for what they do -- babysit! We can get that for ...
by sboucher
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Seriously! South China News ...
by Sarge in Seattle
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by John Edwards
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In six years of professional "No-ing," the GOP has accomplished very little. They've shut down the government, accused the president of trying to destroy the country, cooked up every sort of ...
by Rachel191
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April 28 update: Heartland Institute APOLOGIZED, and took down the offending meme! Details here: Heartland Institute Backpedals on George Carlin Bastardized Quote-Meme ! = = = = = = = = = = = =
by AnnieJo
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A governor doing his job When Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton took office in 2011, Minnesota had more than a $6 billion dollar deficit and an unemployment rate of 7%. Today, Minnesota's ...
by Walter Einenkel
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by Bob Higgins
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Disclaimer. This news first broke in 1941. But it would be breaking news today for Joe Miller, Republican and Tea Party candidate for Senate from Alaska. Hopefully it will be of interest to ...
by Gary Norton
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by Russ Feingold
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Last night, a friend on Facebook messaged me the above editorial. I'm finding it hits home, not only for me, but also for anyone who has held a serving position in this country. Because the image ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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The fight for justice is an ongoing struggle. It is generational and the struggle is passed on year after year. There are victories and defeats, villains and heroes. We lost a great American Hero ...
by dengre
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Today former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich gave his take on what Democrats should take away from this week's election loss: If you want a single reason for why Democrats lost big Tuesday it’s ...
by GleninCA
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When you think of red states and red districts, especially in the south, the “conventional wisdom” has been that competing there is a lost cause; that the GOP's stronghold there is impermeable. ...
by mdmslle
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Let me give you a scenario. See if you can follow along. It's 8:45 p.m. on a Friday night. You're working at your local McDonald's and the after dinner rush is about to pull in. It comes in ...
by sujigu
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by davidsirota
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The American people must make a fundamental decision. Do we continue the 40-year decline of our middle class and the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else, or do we fight for a ...
by Senator Bernie Sanders
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