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Markos Moulitsas' Music

I made studio recordings of my piano compositions in 1996 and 1999. All music is written and performed by me. (Files are in MP3 format)

1999 Recordings
la morena que yo quiero
Unlike the 1996 recordings, which were a negative experience for me, I had the good fortune of working with Tim Bruhns at Blink Music in Cambridge, MA. Tim's Petrof grand was nothing short of heavenly, and his cozy studio contrasted nicely with the cold sterility of Chicago Music Company. Tim himself was a masterful engineer, massaging great clean performences out of me.

While I intended to make a CD with these recordings, I ran out of money. I do plan on making the CD in the future.
allston musings
exaltation II
simple pleasures
ligero pensamientos
ya regresas
half a world away
along the banks of the charles
apartandome del mundo
res ipsa
1996 Recordings %%%% Solipsistic Affirmations
solipsistic affirmations
CD cover art and poem
(Click on image for CD cover art and liner poem.)

I recorded these songs at Chicago Recording Studios, a large studio in (surprise!) Chicago. In fact the Smashing Pumpkins had recorded the song "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness" on this very same piano just days before my recording.

However, I was a tiny fish in a studio used to dealing with platinum-selling artists. I was treated like crap and rushed through my sessions. The studio was freezing cold. My trainee engineer had clearly never recorded a piano before and wasted expensive time trying to get an adequate sound.

Given all that, I'm still surprised at the quality of the music. I shouldn't be so surprised -- it was recorded in a top-notch studio on a beautiful 10-foot Bösendorfer grand. And, hey, my music would sound good played on a kazoo!

hold my hand
love song for a tuesday afternoon
green pastels
23 de septiembre
am rhein
for my father

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