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Yesterday my wife and I were among about 20 supporters of President Obama standing on a street corner in Merritt Island, Fla. waving signs and rallying people to vote for the President.

As expected, we got a lot of honks and thumbs up from a diverse group of motorists...not to mention a few middle fingers, thumbs down and shouts filled with expletives.  But all in all, it was a very pleasant experience.  Gotta admit I was pleasantly surprised by the number of whites who showed their support as they drove by...especially older white folks. And I'm happy to report that we got far more honks of support and thumbs up than the Romney supporters working the corner right across the street.  This even in a heavily red area like Brevard County.

But what made our day was when an older white couple drove by in a raggedy pickup truck.  I'm assuming they were husband and wife, and the husband was driving.  As they went by the wife was holding her arm out of the window giving us a thumbs up with her hand held down low so her husband couldn't see it.

She was sending us this signal I think: "I'm voting for Obama, but if my husband knew all hell would break loose."  Makes you wonder how many women across America are secretly supporting PBO and other Democrats. I suspect there are millions.

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