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Senator Diana Feinstein had a Doctor who witnessed the horror of Sandy Hook testify before the Senate, and he brought a video that every American should see.

This is the difference between a hunting gun and a gun for war.

First, watch the video. They used a test rifle, the Bushmaster, to show how injuries from such a weapon are "unsurvivable"


. . . Here is a short transcript

Sen. Feinstein: "Did you actually treat Sandy Hook victims?"

Sandy Hook Doctor:    (((clears throat))) "Yes, I was, I was, I was in the ER that day when the victims came in."

Sen. Feinstein:      "Can you describe the kinds of wounds and the number of bullets in these small bodies?"

Sandy Hook Doctor:      "There's privacy rules that prevent from detailing the type of wounds or, but, most of it, most of them, the victims that actually didn't come in, and we had such horrific injuries to little bodies, that's what happens. They never even make it in the hospital. The coroner from the State of Connecticut, when he did his review, and this is public knowledge, stated that each body had three to eleven bullets, okay, when the child has three to eleven bullets in them and it is an assault type bullet that explodes inside the body, it doesn't go through a straight line, it goes in and then it opens up, that, that, that's not a survivable injury. So, with respect to the families who lost loved ones and had them come into the emergency room for (inaudible) rules I, I, I can't describe the specifics but I hope I have at least painted a picture of what went on."

Sen. Feinstein:     "Thank you very much. Did you have something that you wanted to show us?

Sandy Hook Doctor:     "There was a very brief video, about one minute, and the point of the video is to highlight the difference between a bullet that goes into a body that's from a .22, and I'm not a ballistics expert, but just like basically a handgun versus an assault weapon, and it just highlights the difference in damage inside a person's body, so, if we may . . .

(((Video Begins . . . )))

  Slightly more below the fold . . .

   Here's a thought. If you support the wars and want a gun designed for war join the armed forces, and if you can't do that you are a coward. You can have guns for hunting and guns for self defense, but guns for war are for soldiers and you shouldn't be allowed to play soldier in your backyard while we are fighting the war YOU demanded overseas with someone else's kid in harms way.

    Here's another thought to all those anti-abortion fanatics, if you are brought to tears over a clump of unformed cells but choose your precious gun over someone else's fully formed child you aren't allowed to say shit about abortion anymore.

    And how appropriate that the video ends with Senator Feinstein turning to her side and saying "Um, Senator Graham?"

   I leave the floor to you.



Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Tue Mar 26, 2013 at 09:36 AM PDT.

Also republished by Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA) and Shut Down the NRA.

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