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As Democratic state Senator Wendy Davis begins the second half of her 13-hr filibuster of Senate Bill 5—the GOP's anti-woman, anti-abortion omnibus bill (see my early morning post for more background)—she still needs Texas women to share your stories:

I received this email from the Wendy Davis for Senate campaign just a few minutes ago (my emphasis):
Wendy is in the 5th hour of her filibuster of SB5.  She has been reading from the personal testimony and stories sent to her from across Texas.  Some of the very moving points from these stories so far this morning:

"You say you have treated me and the others here with respect.  Let me tell you what respect is: It's not calling a special session to try and ram through anti-choice legislation."
"Bullying women living into rural areas into becoming mothers...will keep them from becoming extraordinary."
“Instead of choosing an outfit for her to move home, I was picking out her burial gown”.

The response to Wendy's filibuster has been overwhelming -- just today, we have received over 1,600 personal stories.  Please keep them coming!
Below are the voices Wendy is representing from across Texas today during this filibuster.

 photo texasmapinhour5offilibuster_zps913ed8e6.jpg
Let's keep up our stamina for Wendy -- she needs us standing with her.

Thank you so much,

Elizabeth Connor

Here's the Texas Senate Livestream of Sen. Davis's filibuster:

Please Stand With Texas Women and #StandWithWendy until the special session ends at midnight (CT) as Sen. Davis continues her filibuster of SB 5. Katherine Haenschen (BOR) has posted #SB5: Stand With Wendy! A Primer On Texas Filibusters:

Filibusters are governed by the Senate rules and by precedents interpreting the rules.

Rule 3.02 prohibits eating or drinking in the Senate chamber.

Rule 4.01 requires a member of the Senate to stand at his or her desk to address the Senate. The member speaking may not sit, lean, or use a desk or chair in any way. Bathroom breaks are not allowed.

Rule 4.03, which governs the interruption of a member who is speaking, allows other senators to raise objections if a speaker does not confine his or her remarks to the issue under consideration or if his or her voice is inaudible.

The Burnt Orange Report staff and the Texas Tribune staff are also hosting excellent liveblogs on their respective front pages. I am posting this Tweet again because of the pic:

Stand With Texas Women - Planned Parenthood photo standwithtexaswomen_zpsbe2912e7.png

What you can do today to Stand With Texas Women

Go to the capitol: #SB5 Action Alert: Come Early, Stay Late, Wear Orange: Katherine Haenschen offers excellent advice for those who are able to travel to Austin.

Call your TX legislator's office: If you're a Texan, call your legislator to politely yet firmly register your opposition to SB 5. I've heard that they will feel as though they're being bombarded if they receive just 15 calls. We can do better than that. Be sure to thank our Democratic legislators for their efforts as well.

Change your profile pic: Haenschen also provides a link to the orange Stand With Texas Women pic so that you can show your support of us today. And wear orange, regardless of whether you're going to Austin.

Share on social media: Y'all know what to do. Please use #sb5, #txlege, and #StandWithWendy.

Get Active:

And join me and the other Battleground Texas Summer Fellows as we register Texans to vote.

Additional Background

Hundreds of Texans Block Odious Anti-Abortion Bill with "People's Filibuster" by ericlewis0

“People’s Filibuster” Stops Vote on Anti-Abortion Bill in Texas House

Representative Jessica Farrar: "The Majority Cannot Ignore the Rest of Texans" by Katherine Haenschen, BOR

Texas Republican finds cure for rape! by Barbara Morrill

Storify: Texas Republicans Continue War On Women, Texans Fight Back by Joe Deshotel, BOR

GOP abortion bills mandate medical malpractice by Jon Perr

Dems Approach Abortion Victory as Special Session Wanes by Texas Tribune

Wendy's Last Stand by PDiddie

Sen. Wendy Davis' site
Texas Tribune
Burnt Orange Report
Battleground Texas
Texas Democratic Party
Who represents me? (Texas)

7:43 PM PT: Donate to Wendy Davis for Senate campaign using the Donate button here:

8:13 PM PT: New diary is up:

Wed Jun 26, 2013 at 12:53 AM PT: #SB5 is dead.

Originally posted to nomandates on Tue Jun 25, 2013 at 03:31 PM PDT.

Also republished by Abortion, Pro Choice, Houston Area Kossacks, and TexKos-Messing with Texas with Nothing but Love for Texans.

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