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The U.S. government has proposed and passed numerous laws that deny civil liberties by unwarranted spying, limiting freedoms, restricting movements, and protecting public officials from reprisal.  These also unnaturally advantage corporations to the detriment of the middle-class and poor during an economic liquidity event, such as global peak oil scarcity.  Legal documentation of the evidence supports not only how this is unconstitutional, but also makes the U.S. government at odds with the Constitution when acting contrary to the consent of the governed.  Action points are discussed.

Recently, whistleblowers have brought to light how our government has overstepped its Constitutional authority in the way it conducts national security.  Occupiers have protested the Anti-trespass legislation that restricts concerned citizens from getting close to their representatives.  The FBI now has the means to locate vehicles with GPS tracking data.  Homeland Security has ordered enough bullets to take down every citizen.  And, voter rights laws are being systematically being turned on their head.  Just what is going on?

As you can see, ATDP, CISPA, DARPA, FISA, GRABIF (Anti-trespass), NDAA, NDRP, NSSE, OPEN, PATRIOT Act, PIPA, and SOPA are about more than national security or terrorism.  They are written with such broad scope that, when used in concert, the government effectively can do whatever it wants.  These laws along with other rules and measures, provide the framework for the government to order strikes on and arrests of American citizens without warrant, oversight, or the means to fight back.  The sheer number of these kinds of laws suggests this is intentional.  

One, maybe two, might have been a mistake or some partisan wrangling.  The fact they are written in such a way that can be used together shows a concentrated effort to disguise a wide range of application over time, as evidenced in legal documentation submitted to the Supreme Court.  These laws are in violation of 11 sections of Articles, and 9 Amendments of the Constittuion.  I just want to be sure to make the point that this subject is well researched, and is not some speculative conclusion that someone pulled out of thin air.  This is serious.

Don't kid yourself into thinking this kind of language is to protect only from terrorism, because American citizens are also at risk, as has been the subject of news broadcasts lately.  Don't be fooled by the notion this is simply for our own good, because it takes away civil liberties without Constitutional protection.  What is written in these laws exist for the purpose of government suppressing the voice and means of its citizens, while simultaneously permitting corporations the freedom to wreak havok.  Understand, these laws also are designed to protect public officials from reprisal, and are directed at giving corporations extraordinary control in the case of another economic downturn.  Why is that, do you think?

These laws not only permit spying on terrorists, but also to spy on American citizens, hunt them down, and lock them up without trial or protection of law, while protecting public officials from wrongdoing, and giving corporation a free pass from anyone that would speak against them.  That is how they are written.  Corporations could then take advantage of an economic event with the foresight to get away with it.  This is the same method of operation when corporations attempted to secede South California as a new state.  We know what they are up to, and are pursuing ways to stop them.

All of these laws are designed to take advantage of an economic liquidity event.  That is a fancy term that just means corporate executives want to "cash out" like the banks did in 2008.  Is there an expected economic event coming up?  Sure is.  Kuwaiti scientists have calculated that all oil wells will reach their peak Spring of 2014.  Fracking is presently limited in scope and will not suppress global prices.  How do we know that is what they are planning?  Opinion articles have already been sent out saying that another dive in the economy is expected beginning the Fall.  This is in advance of expected oil scarcity globally.  Isn't this part of a natural cycle of economics?  There is a difference between prognostication and prediction.  If someone goes around saying something will happen by such and such a time, it would be the time to run as fast as you can and protect yourself.  

These laws will, in effect, destroy the middle-class as we know it when global oil scarcity hits.  The remaining working Americans will be set back economically, and the poor will become poorer.  What has happened is that the U.S. government has not only made laws that are contrary to the Constitution, it has acted contrary to the consent of the governed and is now at odds with the Constitution.  Because, the government is not authorized of the Constitution when acting with malice to oppress the people.  The people have petitioned, protested, and presented its case to the government, but the government has failed to recognize the plight of the people and the right of the middle-class to exist.  The people are in danger of corporate rule and this must end here and now.

The Tenth Amendement says whatever power is not delegated to the government is reserved for the people.  This means the U.S. government is no longer authorized of the Constitution - the people are.  What can the people do when their government is out of control and about to bring harm to its citizenry and every other means has been exhausted?  There is one sure way the people can take back their government that is very effective: shut it down.  

Join with me and others who have found a way to stop paying taxes legally: maximizing W2 withholdings, switch to tax deferred retirement plans, and place the rest in designated trust funds until Constitutional government is restored.  You may contact me, Speaker for Constitutional Government, at Stephen L. Rush on Facebook.

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