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I have been a daily Kos reader for years and years, but I'm so disgusted with my fellow Kossacks right now i wanna puke. Or spank y'all with something painfully solid. Because many of you seem to think that anyone living in a state tainted by stupid Republicans deserves whatever the hell we get. Jump below the swirly if you dare.

I live in Missouri. Where a-wipes are attemping to "nullify" federal gun laws - - as if -- and foul up the transition to Obamacare - which is so shortsighted, stupid and just plain cruel that it renders me near speechless. We have a shitbucket of crazy, mean, reactionary, racist, and just plain stupid Republicans dominating our legislature. Governor Jay Nixon is a moderate barely holding back the worst of the crazy. How did this happen?

Well, Jay Nixon happened because he's a well-known politician in Missouri, having been Attorney General for many years. People here tend to vote for individuals they know - but don't ask me how POS Roy Blunt could beat out Robin Carnahan for ANY office, let alone that of U.S. Senator. Both the Blunts and Carnahans are well-known in Missouri, and the Blunts are odious pieces of work - but well-funded by rightwing war chests, so there ya go. I've watched (male) Neanderthals get elected here time and time again, and if not for the Todd Akins debacle, Claire McCaskill would not have been re-elected to the Senate, even though she ain't a progressive, by a long shot. In Missouri, "liberal" is still a dirty word. Folk like to think they are center-of-the-road.

I think we are still suffering from a surfeit of aging racist white males, both rural and urban. Kansas City and St. Louis are progressive strongholds, but DANG, people, that simply means more of us progressives live in cities. That still means many, many NON-progressives live in the cities as well, so ballot initiatives come down to individual votes, and these initiatives are often cloaked in murky verbiage, deliberately. They are hard to decipher on the ballot if you are not informed.  Seriously, nullify federal gun laws? Make it illegal to explain health choices? Nope, I cannot believe many of the voters who endorsed such nonsense actually understood what they were voting for.

And YOU, you non-Missourian Kossacks, how effing DARE you? We vote, my people, we vote and vote and vote, and write letters, and agitate. it is not OUR fault these appalling conditions exist in Missouri. But you dismiss all of us with contempt, forgetting many of us, a large LARGE minority, are your brothers and sisters in spirit. You suggest cutting off funds to Missouri. Blockading the state. Pissing all over all of us. It's exactly like saying all the sane people in the United States deserved the pitiful hell George W. Bush rained down on us. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT US TO DO? We are stuck, most of us, stuck like poor Chuck with these lying, Obama-hating servants of evil doing their damndest to destroy the state. We did not deserve George W. Bush anymore than we deserve what is happening to our state.

Because of these Republican evildoers, my family plans to move west, to Colorado should it finally pass marriage equality - because yes, we were legally married in Iowa but Missouri says we're less than, so I say screw Missouri - but not MissouriANS, not the good people who don't endorse this garbage. So please try to reconsider the completely unjustified, contemptuous and punitive comments you aimed at us in Friday's diary about Missouri trying to nullify federal health care and gun laws. WE are not the enemy. We are being governed by the enemy (Jay Nixon excepted), and it's infuriating to read such callous, simplistic drivel from a group of (normally) very bright and big-hearted progressives. Dammit.

Sun Sep 01, 2013 at 5:47 AM PT: Thank you, Kossacks, for the responses to this diary! My tender fee-fees are much mollified, and I'm gratified that this topic touched a nerve. Of COURSE I know that most of you don't make such broad-brush insensitive comments, and my righteous rant was deliberately over the top, hoping to provoke discussion. It did; it was great to read all the comments; and I feel right at home again. . .

Originally posted to lifeinwine on Sat Aug 31, 2013 at 11:37 AM PDT.

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