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Folks:  Just want to let everybody know that I survived the surgery.  It's agony being in the hospital after surgery.  I was in a recovery unit that's a step down from ICU, with at times 11 or 12 tubes and wires connected to beeping machines, and nurses prodding every few minutes.  But thank goodness for modern medicine.

I had thought the best possible outcome was waking up in ICU with a ventilator, and that was avoided.  I even woke up in the operating room after the surgery and was cracking jokes, still high on the anesthesia.

The surgeons wanted me to stay a few more days, but after six days the insurance company was eager to send me home.  So yesterday I was sent home about 8 p.m.

A problem is that I have a bad case of pneumonia, and I need oxygen to survive.  They sent me home with a 4-hour temporary oxygen bottle, with a promise that the company would have a rep call us and he would meet us at our house.  But we got home at 10:30 and hadn't heard.  That put me in a real pickle.  Thought I'd have to call 911 and go to the ER.  But unbelievably, the company rep arrived at our house (coming all the way from West Virginia) at 1:30 a.m. and set me up with all kinds of oxygen equipment.  The main device is a very noisy extractor unit that sits in the middle of the house and extracts nitrogen from room air, creating a steady stream of oxygen, so no tank needs to be refilled.  It sounds like a little steam engine.  I'm connected to it by 50 feet of tubing, so I can get to most of the upper part of the house.  Like scuba diving in my own home.

It will probably take at least two weeks before the pneumonia retreats, the pain retreats, and I can return to work.  But thank God I'm alive!

So I won't be posting much for awhile, but trying to read every day.

I have a big diary in mind about how the Democrats should respond to the "Obama won't negotiate or compromise" lie.  But that'll have to wait.  Saw the president's press conference today, and it looks like he's doing a good job of pressing back.

Thanks again for so many prayers and encouragements.

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