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 Rarely do you see two diaries juxtaposed on the rec'd list that both ask and answer the same question.
   Here TexasBill asks why the Democrats can keep losing when the Republicans have such an awful record. It's not just a valid question, it's a critical one.
   And then here you have another writer saying that we don't have the "luxury of voting our principles".
   Both of these diaries were very popular.

  Do you think there might be a connection between the two. In one diary there is the popular argument that we need to be "pragmatic" about our representatives and not expect the "perfect candidate".
  And in the other diary we are frustrated that the politicians we elect aren't willing to go the mat for causes we believe in.

  Hmmm. I wonder if there is a connection?

 In this comment yesterday, someone who argued against "purity" in our politicians also stated that "Democrats are unreliable voters. Turnout is a problem for Democrats." Which is true.

  However, the assumption was that the Democratic voters are the problem. What if that assumption is wrong? What if the voters are simply uninspired because their party representatives aren't willing to fight for their cherished values?
   And why should those representatives have to fight for those cherished values when those representatives know that many of his/her voters are going to be "pragmatic" about their voting anyway?

Is this the chart of voters that are inspired?

  That "pragmatism" can be infectious and chronic and manifest itself as defeatism.

 Defeatism infects the Democratic Party's bloodstream. This affliction is systemic and chronic. It has spread through every limb and organ of the party from the White House to towns across America. The ulterior source is a political lifestyle dating back to the Reagan years of passivity as the Republicans aggressively seized the commanding heights of the nation's political discourse....Democrats still win elections -- at great cost. The party has abandoned its historic constituencies, allowed the radically reactionary opposition to set the agenda and to define the issues. Victories are hollow.
 The bigger question that no one seems to be asking is "Why don't Republican voters have to be 'pragmatic'?"
  Why is it that Republican politicians can hold odious values that aren't shared by a majority of voters, and yet they keep getting elected?

  Well, one reason is because unlike Democratic voters, Republican voters are reliable. They do turnout for elections consistently.
   And why is that? Well, look at what Republicans do in Congress. They consistently go the mat fighting for the causes of their voters, even when the causes are repulsive. Thus, their voters are inspired, unlike Democratic voters.
  And when they representatives don't fight for their odious values, the voters don't make "pragmatic choices", they punish their representatives.

 At this point a logical person would ask "What are Republicans doing right that we aren't doing?"
   However, this logical step is something that so many people here are unwilling to take.11:22 AM PT:
What is the point of amassing war chests when you are clueless as to whom to attack using what strategy? Buying airtime to say nothing more than "vote for me" is a surefire recipe for failure - as proven time after time. It will be proven again this November. And what is the point of winning the Presidency, when luck presents you with a hapless opponent, if you have run a campaign that validates Republican principles and premises?
   Democratic politicians bemoan their electoral fortunes, yet act as if they were powerless to do anything about it. All we witness is hand-wringing, breast beating and pearl clutching. This is not the conduct of a serious political party - much less a political party that takes seriously its program and its constituents. It bespeaks a party leadership resigned to its fate and unable either to muster much conviction or the passion to fight for it. The appearance is that of a leadership that will be leaving office en masse on January 21, 2017 to write its memoirs.
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