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Why don't black people protest black-on-black violence?
The title of this diary is version of the many variations of the meme pushed (mostly by white, conservative men) any time an African-American is unjustly killed by a cop or otherwise-aggressive ...
GoGoGoEverton 04/08/2015 23 13 1 -
Sure Senator Harkin, tell us again how 'the votes were there.'
Senator Harkin insists the votes were there for Single Payor or a Public Option in 2009. This diary reviews his comments, but makes no attempt to evaluate their integrity. Unsurprisingly, those ...
GoGoGoEverton 12/03/2014 387 90 2 -
Slow down and back up your 'Facts' on the 'meaning' of these recent elections.
Daily Kos was fun today. Lots of users, including Kos himself, 'know' why we lost, or are pretty sure if we had 'just done this', 'just said that', 'hadn't done this', etc. Truth-tellers, or ...
GoGoGoEverton 11/05/2014 51 15 - -
If Repubs take the Senate, we're ALL going to have a really bad 2 years.
Several pollsters like the Republicans to take the Senate after this election (and I don't mean 'prefer'), and it was a bit depressing to think about what the next 2 years will look like with that ...
GoGoGoEverton 11/02/2014 77 11 - -
Lovely 'GOOOOD MORNING!!!!' article posted by the Richmond-Times Dispatch today: Let's Make People Work Longer, Says Brat AND Trammell Kindly, GFY, both of you.
GoGoGoEverton 10/11/2014 208 197 3 -
John Crawford Walmart Police Shooting Video released: just as described.
I retrieved this from LiveLeak . However, I've confirmed its authenticity via several other online sources.
GoGoGoEverton 09/24/2014 64 28 - -
Gottlieb compares Manziel's 'money' motion to Sam's emotional draft kiss.
Doug Gottlieb . Doug is as close to a shock-jock as you can be on national sports radio...after having a show that followed Colin Cowherd and the SVP show on national ESPN radio for a long time, he ...
GoGoGoEverton 08/25/2014 5 1 - -
You've seen the 2nd language per state in the US. Now: 2nd religion map!
Here is a link to a larger map. There was an interesting map moving around the internet, ultimately gleaned from the US census of 2010 that showed the 2nd most-spoken language beyond Spanish in ...
GoGoGoEverton 06/22/2014 69 71 3 -
Snowden, Hillary, Greenwald, Obama, #STFUmenwomen, NSA. COMMUNITY PIE DIARY!!!!
NOPE, just a pie diary. We on Daily Kos can debate the people in the diary title till we turn blue, and the public polling as far as 1. if people even know who they are and 2. what their opinion of ...
GoGoGoEverton 05/31/2014 26 12 - -
20 kids hurt in school stabbing today doesn't fit the narrative; Daily Kos silent.
Link to the story. 20+ kids were hurt in a stabbing attack at a Pennsylvania school today; the stabber, apparently a student at the same school, has been arrested. As of 947am EST on Daily Kos, ...
GoGoGoEverton 04/09/2014 527 23 - -
George Bush II of the USA is officially nuts.
Pretty ...
GoGoGoEverton 04/04/2014 51 10 - -
Who among Dems support a HRC nomination the most? LIBERALS.
Not self-indentified moderates or centrists. Not self-identified 'conservative' Dems (what does that even mean?) Liberals do, at 87%. Link Lots of other interesting returns on that one as well, ...
GoGoGoEverton 03/20/2014 65 12 - -
The following statements do not constitute "STFU", 'Get In Line', or 'Hippie-Punching'
It's my opinion (and since you read my diary, you cared enough!) that the following statements do not mean, stand for, or constitute "STFU", 'Get In Line', or 'Hippie-Punching', and that referring ...
GoGoGoEverton 03/11/2014 85 9 - -
Why 'Progressives' will be to blame if they do not turn out for the 2014 elections.
Not only to blame, not completely to blame. But yes, anyone who is of the liberal, progressive, or further-left persuasion that does not vote Democratic on general election day 2014 will be partly ...
GoGoGoEverton 03/06/2014 60 16 - -
Easy talking point to use with those who oppose raising the Minimum Wage.
I have no polling to support this, but in my experience the type of people who oppose minimum wage increases are the following: 1. Small Business Owners (and real ones, not 500-employee 'small ...
GoGoGoEverton 02/27/2014 8 7 - -
Mad about Markos's HRC diary today?
You know , the one where he states that Hillary's nomination, if she runs, is inevitable, and that primary focus should be on Congressional victory? Do something about it. You have approximately ...
GoGoGoEverton 02/17/2014 88 14 - -
In which I take down each of Dave Ramsey's '20 Things the Rich Do Every Day'
Link to the article. Dave Ramsey published this list and it's gone viral on Facebook; it appears to be several months old but I've been seeing it here and there for the past week in Facebook feeds.
GoGoGoEverton 12/28/2013 177 131 4 -
VIDEO: 3rd-world kids reciting 1st-world problems: Funny, and heartbreaking.
As we approach Christmas, and regardless of your religion or tradition, we need to keep a vigilant eye on the rampant materialism that has corrupted the holiday season. Yes, you'll get a grin out of ...
GoGoGoEverton 12/24/2013 17 20 - -
Before you cite RT again...
Please read this article: Putin is strengthening his hold on state-sponsored media and building a new agency from ...
GoGoGoEverton 12/09/2013 68 8 - -
Crushing piece headlining CNN right now: 'The Most Unequal Place in America.'
Both personal, and big-picture, stories and opinions based around Lake Providence, Louisiana map , a place with a higher income inequality than even Manhattan; the widest gap in the United States. ...
GoGoGoEverton 10/30/2013 12 16 - -
Language and messaging: Don't make our heads explode!
The following buzzfeed post should be read in its entirety, for two purposes: 1. It covers extremely well the very-likely-top-17 misused words and phrases in verbal American English. 2. The ....
GoGoGoEverton 10/07/2013 53 11 - -
Obamacare: An additional idea, and a response to your complaints about $$.
I have an idea for an add-on plan option to the Exchanges; it would work well for people like me and I don't think, as long as the details were worked out, would hurt anything about the new program.
GoGoGoEverton 10/01/2013 23 - - -
Stifled on Syria, Senator Graham seeks war with Iran.
Despite peaceful overtures from the new, centrist President of Iran Mr. Hassan Rouhani , Senator Graham is apparently unhappy that he and the other neocons in Congress didn't get their war in Syria.
GoGoGoEverton 09/20/2013 8 9 - -
Hey Republicans: Feel free to STFU about Syria.
Hey Republicans: Nobody cares, or takes you seriously in the least bit, about your opinion on Syria, what 'we' should do about it, or how you think Obama & Congress is handling it. You've proven ...
GoGoGoEverton 09/03/2013 25 6 - -
If you support Single Payor, do you support a National Health Records Database?
If you support Single Payor, do you support a National Health Records Database? If so, why? If not, where does the record sharing/availability end?
GoGoGoEverton 08/28/2013 87 6 - -
Brief Rant: I see no moral obligation to act on Syria.
I see no moral obligation to act on Syria. Not militarily, not with aid. We can do the latter because it makes us feel better, but the hell and the evil in that country is so intertwined with the ...
GoGoGoEverton 08/27/2013 120 23 - -
James Clapper should be fired, Mr. President.
I am not reacting the same way to your memorandum, which tasks National Intelligence with briefing and reporting to you on current intelligence activities that may involve domestic citizenry, as ...
GoGoGoEverton 08/13/2013 270 109 1 -
BREAKING: Daily Kos reaction to surveillance reforms leaked!
BREAKING NEWS: Elfling , Daily Kos' webmaster, has left the country and is currently holed up in an undisclosed beach hut in Fiji, where she reports life is 'super difficult right now because of the ...
GoGoGoEverton 08/09/2013 18 3 - -
At a loss for conclusions from the Zimmerman verdict.
I only know one thing from the Zimmerman verdict. Everything else, I'm just not sure about and haven't done any better thinking about it all weekend. I have a lot of questions that I can't answer, ...
GoGoGoEverton 07/15/2013 12 2 - -
UPDATED: Trayvon's pot smoking admissable, requested by those who clearly haven't smoked pot.
So the Florida judge OK'd testimony about Trayvon Martin's pot usage in the trial. If the prosecution doesn't bring in 3 experts to tell everyone who hasn't smoked pot, or won't admit to it, in ...
GoGoGoEverton 07/09/2013 93 19 - -
Is there a way to make anonymous Paypal or other online payments?
I want a goat, and some cheese =/ I would like to donate to a cause or two via Paypal here, and I really, really want to sponsor a goat of OregonGal's. Paypal's FAQ sort of I ask all: If ...
GoGoGoEverton 07/07/2013 45 3 - -
July 4th, 1776.
GoGoGoEverton 07/04/2013 7 8 1 -
RANT: If the USA is as bad as you say it is, you sure haven't helped much!
'This is all horrible! We've been telling you this was coming since the 60's and 70's!!.' 'This terrible revelation has been predicted for years! Decades even!' 'We told you this was going to ...
GoGoGoEverton 07/02/2013 122 3 - -
'It Didn't Used To Be Like This.' When was that, again?
A diary on the reclist right now that signs of with 'It Didn't Used To Be Like This.' All other points in that diary aside, that's pretty common meme in anti-US, anti-US policy comments and diaries.
GoGoGoEverton 06/27/2013 137 33 - -
Discussing Snowden's legal issues isn't a 'distraction'.
The legal issues surrounding whistleblowing, leaking, spying, espionage, etc are both important and IMO interesting, and are certainly fair game to be discussed. Not only are they related and part ...
GoGoGoEverton 06/23/2013 148 13 1 -
This helps our rape culture issue (no it doesn't).
So, a woman who falsely accused a high school senior of rape, that led to him being imprisoned for 5 years and the school system being found liable for 'lax security' and paying her $750k for it, ...
GoGoGoEverton 06/18/2013 56 2 - -
A complete different point RE: Snowden and his jobs.
Without calling out anyone in particular, I've seen A LOT of instances over the last few days, both in diaries and in comments, along the lines of this: 'How can this Snowden guy have even gotten ...
GoGoGoEverton 06/12/2013 216 88 1 -
Your calls and internet data were always being recorded.
Meta Diary for your Monday. This diary is meant for discussion of what it MEANS to you that the NSA apparently has access to call data on all domestic users of at least Verizon services, and that ...
GoGoGoEverton 06/10/2013 91 13 - -
Community Spotlight Abuse
Community Spotlight, formerly Diary Rescue, is dedicated to finding great writing by little-known or unknown diarists whose work hasn't gotten the visibility it deserves. We rescue and promote these ...
GoGoGoEverton 05/27/2013 51 4 - -
BREAKING: Holder announces three other Americans have been killed by drone strikes since 2009.
Read the full letter here.
GoGoGoEverton 05/22/2013 26 8 - -
Venezuela's feeling pretty poopy today.
The government of Venezuela is moving to import 50 million rolls of toilet paper as the country is essentially empty of available TP, as reported by the Guardian.
GoGoGoEverton 05/16/2013 22 8 - -
I oppose the NTSB's recommendation that DUI = .05 BAC.
Here's a link to the CNN report. I oppose this recommendation being enacted into law in any state, which is consistent with my (rarely mentioned) opposition to charging/convicting people of DUI (...
GoGoGoEverton 05/14/2013 252 11 - -
This site's strategy isn't hard, but here are the cliff's notes.
Ready? You can print this out and take notes if you want.
GoGoGoEverton 04/25/2013 33 12 - -
The (dead) bombing suspect had a Youtube page VIDEO
Here you go. If you watch the whole thing, looks like he's doing impressions or something to make his friends/filmers laugh. An investigation of all the links below make it pretty obvious he and his ...
GoGoGoEverton 04/19/2013 7 3 2 -
Samoan Air to charge passengers by weight, not seats.
Samoan Air, flying small jumpers to places like the Cook Islands and French Polynesia, is now charging passengers by weight instead. Online bookings now include weight guesstimates, but that weight ...
GoGoGoEverton 04/02/2013 49 8 - -
Hearing about it more often doesn't mean it's 'worse'.
Saw some comments today on a new rape of a minor case involving football players of age that referred to things 'getting worse', it's 'getting worse for women not better', 'rape culture is worsening',
GoGoGoEverton 03/20/2013 22 21 - -
FckH8 - A letter from a Dad to his afraid, gay son.
What a great way to end the week! This is an extremely touching letter that has gone viral. One day, this is how most dads will react, as we continue to work toward a national attitude that favors ...
GoGoGoEverton 03/15/2013 110 125 2 -
If not Chained CPI, then what?
The title is not a rhetorical question, and this is not a rhetorical diary/discussion. I'm looking for PRACTICAL AND RELEVANT answers and discussion. It doesn't matter what happened 4 months ago, 4 ...
GoGoGoEverton 03/15/2013 146 4 1 -
Iranian President in political trouble after...comforting Chavez's mom.
This one doesn't need to be long, but I'm not going to be quiet about ridiculousness that accompanies theocratic rule, whether it's in Kansas or Iran. Ahmadinejad in trouble for touching Chavez's ...
GoGoGoEverton 03/12/2013 34 6 - -
Here is the GOP 'deal' to bypass Sequestration that Kossacks are supporting the GOP on.
A new meme is that Obama is responsible for the sequestration because he didn't like and/or threatened vetoes against the Republican solution for ending/bypassing the sequester. Kossacks, who are ...
GoGoGoEverton 03/06/2013 88 11 - -
Screw you guys, words mean what I want them to!!!!
Guysssss, it's just English! It's not that important! English always changes! We don't need to really know what words mean; they mean whatever we want them too! Screw you guys and your definitions! ...
GoGoGoEverton 02/27/2013 7 14 1 -
Kos's TTFN decree not about banning hurt people
Captain Kos wrote this diary on the new rule regarding TTFN diaries: you write one, you are officially 'gone for now' (bojo), and have to request reinstatement to come back (TTFN stands for Ta Ta ...
GoGoGoEverton 01/29/2013 48 13 1 -
No, the Obama hate isn't about RACISM, no really!
In reaction to this article , which just happens to be the main headline on Drudgereport at the time of this diary posting, see the commentary to the article below, which I submit to you without ...
GoGoGoEverton 01/25/2013 43 5 - -
Instead of "Assault Weapons", how about a fire-rate restriction?
Short diary; interested to see the feedback and this is meant to be another attempt at establishing an agreement between the reasonable and realistic folks here. "Assault Weapons", "Assault ...
GoGoGoEverton 01/21/2013 173 16 - -
Meta/Philosophy questions on Rights, for you to help debate!
I was in a debate with another Kossack yesterday about rights, what constitutes denial of rights and unequal rights, etc. So, I'm going to create a civil right (meaning, a right legally enshrined ...
GoGoGoEverton 01/10/2013 11 - - -
GOP suggests making more money, unless we're talking about the USA.
Some Meta on Monday for discussion, though I think it's clear as crystal what they're up to. I believe it's the HEIGHT of hypocrisy whenever I hear a GOP'er say: "Don't have enough money? Go get a ...
GoGoGoEverton 01/07/2013 8 6 - -
Captain Kos, the crew is getting restless.
Cap'n, we have a problem. There is major dissension and disunity in the ranks of the best ship in the liberal blogosphere's fleet...and we're starting to lose great crewmembers.
GoGoGoEverton 01/06/2013 321 51 - -
Current TV sold to Feudal Lord. Al Gore sells out. Anger???
I'm seriously, completely unsarcastically, SHOCKED that there's not more diaries, info, and anger that Al Gore et all sold Current TV to Al Jazeera , which is owned and run by monarchists in Qatar, ...
GoGoGoEverton 01/03/2013 136 3 - -
How do you KNOW, Chicken Little?
Reality-based community? Lulz.
GoGoGoEverton 01/02/2013 21 5 - -
What do Repubs think of the upcoming deal?
Lots of angst on the board this morning as of 9:15am EST. Happy New Year everyone! Anyway, with all of the terribad, horrible, no good, very bad things in this deal, I thought I'd go to some RW ...
GoGoGoEverton 01/01/2013 14 5 - -
Gun (ammo) Regulation Idea for Discussion (updated)
As always, if you're going to be an insulting or absolutist dick, you're not welcome here, whether your dickishness is pointed at me or someone participating politely in the diary. I was thinking ...
GoGoGoEverton 12/17/2012 70 1 - -
A Message, From a Gun Owner, To Other Gun Owners
In the light of the two most recently-publicized shooting tragedies, one of a horrific proportion, and especially since I don't believe any right-wing gun advocacy organization will do so, I'd like ...
GoGoGoEverton 12/14/2012 41 13 - -
10,000 Troops Left in Afghanistan is unacceptable, Mr. President.
As a Democrat who generally supports the Obama Administration's foreign policy, and with acknowledgement that the sources are a touch shaky at best, I thought I'd get out in front of some reports ...
GoGoGoEverton 11/26/2012 36 3 - -
I just voted! Anonymous Shnonymous!
I just got back from casting my in-person absentee ballot! If you're going to be, or worried you will be, not able to cast your vote in Virginia in your precinct on election day, you may fill out a ...
GoGoGoEverton 11/02/2012 1 8 - -
Your vote should be a pragmatic effort, not an "ideal" or your "conscience".
There are four roads in front of you, and you want to get to the top of the mountain. Which will you choose? 1. The road to the far right of you goes down the mountain in literally the opposite ...
GoGoGoEverton 10/29/2012 135 12 1 -
Just a thought on 'poetically' formatting your diary or comment.
Here's my attempt to explain why I think it's not an awesome idea. O ye few that prefer this format, 'tis not mean to be dickish but to assist thee in thy work.
GoGoGoEverton 10/04/2012 15 2 - 57
A brief rundown of what doesn't make something "OK", "Right", or "Acceptable"
We, as liberals deep-seeded in our empathy for the meek, are much better (usually) at recognizing nuance, seeing the "gray", and understanding what is motivating people to do harmful things to ...
GoGoGoEverton 09/21/2012 21 1 - 164
Romney Trade/Foreign Policy: Call 2nd largest trading partner "cheaters".
Oh and your shenanigans again. Reading Yahoo today, I find out that Mitt Romney's campaign has figured out that 1. they're losing and 2. they're not going to stop losing by talking ...
GoGoGoEverton 09/17/2012 1 5 - 86
Aw Look!: Clothing line for the children of the 0.1%!
Hey, Abercrombie & Fitch knows their target customer, no one can accuse them otherwise, that's for sure!
GoGoGoEverton 08/02/2012 30 7 - 256
Can we be honest with each other, for a quick second?
Can we? Can we be be frank, for a moment? Fuck Mitt Romney. Especially, after the Great Britain and Israel debacle.... Fuck that guy. Seriously. Fuck you, Mitt. That is all.
GoGoGoEverton 07/31/2012 11 3 - 167
What the 2nd Amendment DOESN'T do.
Lots, and lots, and lots of "discussion" on the 2nd Amendment here at Daily Kos after the Aurora shooting. As usual, those who are the most emotional about the topic were the most-heard from. ...
GoGoGoEverton 07/30/2012 40 6 - 192
Palin kid calls Bristol/sister "F*ggot". Didn't mean sticks.
Interested in how Republican-y family values are implemented in the raising of Palin children? It's about what the child said. It's about how old the child is who said it. It's about Bristol and ...
GoGoGoEverton 07/24/2012 24 8 - 222
RANT: Boycotts/Protests are worthless if you think who/what you're protesting sucks.
Seriously, can we have a community vote to no longer uprate comments that have ZERO to do with the point of a boycott, a protest, etc?? IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU THINK THEY/IT SUCKS, that's not the ...
GoGoGoEverton 07/23/2012 31 - - 168
It was A Death Penalty for Penn State football...make no mistake.
This isn't meant maliciously to be a call-out diary, but currently there's a diary on the reclist and I've read at least another this morning that are basically coming to the conclusion that the ...
GoGoGoEverton 07/23/2012 77 31 - 568
To the diarists unhappy with Obama: THANKS for your restraint.
I believe in apologies (when warranted), acknowledgements, gratitude, praise when due, etc. So, I think this very short diary is warranted, and I'll top the squig by saying this: THANKS. Thanks ...
GoGoGoEverton 07/10/2012 238 8 - 795
Latest missile blustering by Iran confirms they aren't attacking anyone directly.
The US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and any countries in the EU who would participate in preemptive actions against Iran should take the recent missile tests and comments by the Iranian military for ...
GoGoGoEverton 07/06/2012 8 2 - 83
Sorry, Republicans and Obamacare haters.
Sorry. So sorry.
GoGoGoEverton 06/28/2012 19 21 - 160
Announced: No life w/o parole for juveniles; 5-4 decision.
Selecting justices matters. Obama's appointees were in the majority of the 5-4 ruling that life without parole sentences for juveniles violates the 8th Amendment, which prohibits amongst other ...
GoGoGoEverton 06/25/2012 30 21 - 188
BREAKING: A really bad way to start June; UE rises to 8.2%
A "whopping" 69,000 jobs were created by US employers in May 2012. UE rose to 8.2% after April's numbers were revised. For everyone that hasn't had enough coffee this morning, that means the new ...
GoGoGoEverton 06/01/2012 69 7 - 254
Watch this video; still don't like the idea of an armed citizenry?
"We'll never stop the army if they come after us! Doesn't matter how many handguns/shotguns/rifles we have!" "Guns are only for killing people!" "Guns bad!" Orly?
GoGoGoEverton 05/30/2012 32 2 - 284
Somebody is watching you on the internet. Let's worry about reprisal instead.
BOO! But seriously, somebody is monitoring your activity on the interwebz, or at least recording data on it.
GoGoGoEverton 05/29/2012 16 10 - 174
Allow me to praise a Baptist Church's bravery in the face of hatred.
This morning I googled for the site of Providence Road Baptist Church, where the most recent hate-filled rant against Gays and Lesbians came out of. You can catch up on the story via ChrisLove's ...
GoGoGoEverton 05/22/2012 52 154 1 914
I am a straight white male, and this is how the push for "equal rights" has hurt people like me.
I know you don't want to accept it, but liberals over the past 120 years or so have really hurt me and my people: the straight, "white" male. Please take the time to review my argument and judge it ...
GoGoGoEverton 05/10/2012 95 384 4 2869
ITD, a Teabagger gets trolled back re: Amendment 1, owned.
Lively Facebook conversation this morning, post-Amendment 1 vote in NC. Names and some verbiage changed ever so slightly to protect identities. Thought it was worth sharing. Like I tell some of my ...
GoGoGoEverton 05/09/2012 8 5 - 210
VIDEO: GFY Violent Provacateurs...begone from OWS and from Daily Kos!
Really? REALLY? (ps if you know where this took place it would be good to note)
GoGoGoEverton 05/04/2012 59 16 - 387
Oh the woes that befall the 1%
Ever seen the internet meme "1st World Problems"? It involves replacing copy on the picture below to make fun of concerns that typically aren't an issue in Bangladesh.
GoGoGoEverton 05/03/2012 11 3 - 118
OOPS: Berean Baptist, home of hate preacher Sean Harris, took down their contact page!
Thanks to lwfky for pointing out that Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville NC, home of "pastor" Sean Harris (pastor kid puncher) has taken down its contact page! I wonder why? Could it be the ...
GoGoGoEverton 05/02/2012 23 15 - 149
ACTION: Email Pastor of Hate Sean Harris, child abuse advocate!
Our Chris Love has a reclist diary explaining the horrific and woefully un-Christian message from "Pastor" Sean Harris of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, NC; paraphrased simply as "Beat the ...
GoGoGoEverton 05/01/2012 2 8 1 129
Hail to the Tar Babies! Hail Victory!
Oh, I'm sorry, was that offensive? I didn't mean it, I was just cheering for my favorite sports team. It's meaningless fact, I love my team, so it's really a term of endearment!! Still ...
GoGoGoEverton 04/30/2012 32 3 - 172
BREAKING: Zimmerman Bloody Photo emerges...Murder 2 in doubt?
ABC News has obtained a photo from the Trayvon Martin death scene, which apparently shows blood trickling from the back of George Zimmerman's head. You can view the picture here. WARNING: NSFW/...
GoGoGoEverton 04/20/2012 331 14 - 1205
I'm tired of AWESOME; I wish Obama would quit being all bipartisan-y.
First we got that imperfect Obamacares that only helped thousands of people get insurance and treatment that they otherwise couldn't afford. I was already done, then. But now, ho ho, he's going to ...
GoGoGoEverton 04/19/2012 40 11 1 223
Another day, another filibuster killing a Liberal initiative.
Oh those dumb Democrats again, just the same as Republicans (really no difference!), except they brought the Buffett Rule (increase taxes on millionaires to about the same as the rest of us have to ...
GoGoGoEverton 04/17/2012 3 3 - 46
Announcing the worldwide infection of the deadly "TehStoopid" Virus
CDC ATLANTA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The US Center for Disease Control hereby announces that the TX-9, referred to as the "TEHSTOOPID" virus, has not only become airborne but has proliferated outside ...
GoGoGoEverton 04/13/2012 3 - - 54
This is what Fascism starts like.
Glenn Beck has built a replica Oval Office. Don't believe it?
GoGoGoEverton 04/09/2012 13 4 - 212
Is your troll-hunting actually hurting the autoban?
I was perusing through the "hiddens" this morning (usually lots of fun) and checked out the status of a couple of users to see if they were still officially around by the time I read their comments. ...
GoGoGoEverton 04/06/2012 70 4 - 541
RANT: Why do we tolerate/rec SOME bigoted language here at DKos?
This kind of crap drives me NUTS. Why is it OK to write coded language (or straight-up bigoted language) about some groups here at DKos and on other sites/conversations with so-called "liberals" ...
GoGoGoEverton 03/26/2012 228 13 - 654
Call Out Diary: Hey Weatherdude!
Hey Weatherdude, you smug SOB. How's it feel to be completely......
GoGoGoEverton 03/16/2012 26 1 - 614
Is it always unclassy to remind disaster victims who helped?
Being a marketing professional myself, I'm very cognizant of the value in recognizing what you WANT say in a very public setting, vs what you SHOULD say. It's not the end of the world if you get HR'...
GoGoGoEverton 03/05/2012 18 5 - 100
Should Home-Schoolers be able to participate in Public School sports? POLL
Yaaaay Meta Monday! The title is an issue that pops up, at least occasionally, throughout the US and has recently reared its head in my region of the country. Two home-schooling parents (meaning ...
GoGoGoEverton 02/27/2012 230 9 - 408
We Can Haz Withdrawal Now?
Sweet. Vietnam-ish much?
GoGoGoEverton 02/23/2012 17 5 - 112
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