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Tel Aviv looked like Baltimore today
CNNI was covering in detail racial protests turned violent in Tel Aviv Israel today. While the first video I found of it was from April 30th, the protests continue today in Tel Aviv. The protests ...
Havoth 05/03/2015 38 44 - -
City of Burleson earned a "Nurse-In"
Discreet nursing mom asked to cover up in Burleson Recreational Center. Shame on the City of Burleson and the immature employee that started such nonsense on a 100+ degree day. The Nurse-In ...
Havoth 08/03/2013 5 7 - -
Questions I have about the Tsarnaevs
Originally posted as a comment to another post . Well my problem with some of this: is that the dead brother was under an asylum protected status.The live brother is a citizen. And so is entitled ...
Havoth 04/20/2013 219 10 - -
West Texas footage by amateurs
This is by far my favorite set so far, by YouTuber Paul Lannuier. He doesn't have comments allowed on his posts but here's the links to see damages to that apartment building up close, while he and ...
Havoth 04/18/2013 20 7 - -
NCAA March Madness - U of L!!!
U of L all the way!!!!
Havoth 03/23/2013 9 1 - -
My take of CPAC
Not much to say, except this lovefest of haterz is sad. And apparently they are all scared of stuff. And people. Certain kinds of people. And they hate those people. And they are afraid of them. ...
Havoth 03/16/2013 3 4 - -
More Racist Crap aimed at Obama in TX
Need an ID? Even Obama "got one" - no birth certificate required. - Just shameful... I hope Obama can sue for this one. For reasons I'm not going to discuss ...
Havoth 03/11/2013 26 8 - -
Texas-style Racism Raises It's Ugly Head in DogPoop Double Murder
IN DALLAS TX: A recent double murder a couple of miles away from where I live, recently left 5 black children, including a newborn without parents, because the Asian man didn't like their dog poop-...
Havoth 02/10/2013 21 12 - -
Thank YOU, Mr. President
I'm just so damn happy and tired. I'm very proud to be an American more today than yesterday. And I'm glad Mitt was gracious enough to concede. But most of all - I'm happy. I'm elated. I'm worried ...
Havoth 11/07/2012 1 1 - -
The Rs- what they really are
My reply to a comment regarding Chris Rocks pro-Obama video "Vote for Obama- cuz he's white": The HuffPo commenter wrote: I find it humorous Barack Obama [is a] democrat president. Gee its ironic ...
Havoth 11/05/2012 1 1 - -
Nosy roommate
My nosy roommate is overly concerned with the apparent slow progress one of our neighbors in our building is making with a move. I don't know if she is moving out or just storing a lot of stuff. I ...
Havoth 11/05/2012 11 1 - -
A New Happening- Part 2
I very much appreciated your comments regarding my dating entry earlier this month. But as one commenter said, "keep your expectations low". Well, they weren't terribly high to begin with. There won'
Havoth 11/02/2012 5 - - -
Fembots for Romney
I voted Today!! Obama. Talked to a Republican female candidate, Stefani Carter who was hustling last minute votes just outside the polling place. I asked her "Pro-Choice?" And She stuttered, coughed ...
Havoth 11/02/2012 8 12 - -
A new happening
Tonight I'm going on an actual DATE. With a real man. With a person who seems to like me as a person. Who thinks Mitt Romney is a loser. (yay!) And wants to volunteer to get out the vote in Dallas ...
Havoth 10/19/2012 5 2 - -
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