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sHell No: Deniers Double Down on Purity Test Trolling
Protests against Shell's plan for Arctic drilling have received global attention. From the actions of kayaktivists around Seattle to Shell's annual stockholder meeting, Shell has been receiving a ...
James Wells 05/25/2015 21 49 - -
sHell No: Activists chain themselves to Arctic Challenger
Activists have chained themselves to the anchor chain of Shell's drilling support ship Arctic Challenger in Bellingham Bay, WA, in a protest to raise awareness of the serious impacts of Shell's ...
James Wells 05/23/2015 9 51 - -
The Great Symmetry
My science fiction novel The Great Symmetry is now out in the world. The intro has a brief description of the book, while the main diary has some philosophy and personal observations. In the ...
James Wells 05/15/2015 45 41 - -
Self-publishing 101: The Kübler-Ross Stages of Editing
There are no gatekeepers any more. Your opus can be free in the world, its fate determined by merit and your skill and level of effort getting the word out. You can do this. Just be prepared to ...
James Wells 05/14/2015 33 25 2 -
You Must Not Question the Invisible Hand
Humans are builders. It sets us apart from the Aardvarks, even if we'll never get in front of them in the encyclopedia. When a problem presents itself, we makes plans to build. The notion of ...
James Wells 04/08/2015 8 14 - -
If Only I Had the Official T Shirt
As we were walking along the shore, we saw a seal coming ashore. It was one of those moments you hope for on a seaside day. There are still wonderful animals like this in the natural world, and ...
James Wells 04/07/2015 35 45 - -
Write On! Caesar's Ghost Rides the Trolley of Doom
Our hero needs to save the entire city from fiery destruction, and the only way to accomplish that is to push a trusting friend onto the tracks in front of the oncoming bomb trolley. Good call? ...
James Wells 03/26/2015 68 20 - -
Fending Off the Silent Killer
Just a pair of numbers, but they matter. They tell you that you're mortal, and that it's way past time to pay attention to all the things you know you should be doing to protect your health. In ...
James Wells 03/22/2015 75 49 - -
Click to Agree
You just clicked "I AGREE" to buy that item online. Quick - what did you just agree to? Don't know? Doesn't matter - you're bound by the terms. For illustration, let's look at the most egregious ...
James Wells 03/15/2015 22 41 1 -
Giving The Gift of Numeracy
It's been a couple of months. By now the kids in your life have either broken or become bored with the collection of electronics and other Chinese-made stuff that they wanted for Christmas. For the ...
James Wells 03/08/2015 8 15 - -
Glass Beaches
Waste from a dump pours out into the ocean. Debris and pollution enter the natural environment. Add fifty years or more.
James Wells 03/04/2015 44 126 2 -
Rudi Giuliani and 9-11: Never Forget the People Harmed by his Actions
The first duty of any government executive, whether mayor, governor, or president, is to protect those in your care. In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, Rudi Giuliani failed miserably in this most ...
James Wells 02/22/2015 13 36 - -
The Clean Energy Economy and the Innovator's Dilemma
The huge, established companies that drive and profit from the fossil fuel economy seem to be all-powerful. With their billions in profits, together they are a phalanx of Goliaths against a ...
James Wells 02/15/2015 56 23 1 -
The Mindnapped and the Evil Rays of Silence
Beware of the stations where the facts are based on lies Some of them are run by aliens in disguise They sneak up behind you and put your brain in a box You can recognize the victims, because they'...
James Wells 02/09/2015 47 55 2 -
Tacking to the imaginary center
Once upon a time, it was a good electoral strategy. It worked for the Big Dog twice, trimming his sails to the breezes of opinion and sweeping up just enough voters, even with wildly diverse points ...
James Wells 02/04/2015 18 16 2 -
Patriots say study proves ball deflation "Not Human Caused"
The New England Patriots pointed to a study released today which they say shows that the alleged deflation of footballs in recent games was not due to human causes. "It's just natural variation," ...
James Wells 01/24/2015 88 63 2 -
Giniography: The Study of Wealth Distribution
Sometimes one part of a science grows important enough that it merits recognition on its own. From Geology there emerged the branches of Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Stratigraphy, and others. Physics ...
James Wells 01/24/2015 14 36 1 -
Kirby Delauter vaults to head of 2016 Republican pack
In a move that political analysts described as "breathtaking," Kirby Delauter has established himself as the new frontrunner in the crowded Republican 2016 presidential field. "We're all in awe," ...
James Wells 01/11/2015 66 116 2 -
Toddler injured in flash bang raid "No Angel", according to police
The toddler injured by a flash bang grenade during a 2014 police raid is no angel, according to a police report released today. Considering actions that included resisting arrest when taken from his ...
James Wells 01/04/2015 103 272 3 -
If your nuts are in a bag, just be happy with that
If you haven't heard the latest outburst of privilege from one of the rulers of our world, it's a doozy. The daughter of the Korean Airlines chairman ordered a plane back to the gate at JFK ...
James Wells 12/10/2014 29 42 - -
People's Climate March: Breaking Free From the Stockholm Syndrome of the Silenced
On the day after the largest climate march in history as well as thousands of marches world-wide, discussion swirls around the question of who noticed. What media channels carried it? Did they ...
James Wells 09/22/2014 30 36 - -
Why We March: We Will No Longer Be Invisible
The biggest injury dealt by the climate deniers may not be the snowstorm of deceit on specific issues, or even the Machiavellian maneuvers to confound effective government action on climate. On ...
James Wells 09/16/2014 47 33 1 -
The Theism Binary
Is the theism binary the ultimate question? If you had to choose a single word or sentence to define your spiritual, philosophical, or religious beliefs, would you spend it on the name of, or denial ...
James Wells 09/05/2014 64 21 1 -
Why We March: There is no Away, There are no Others
Much of the discussion on climate in the past few years can be boiled to penetrating the fog of denial with one realization: There is no "Away". Long-standing human habit has been to send ...
James Wells 08/23/2014 24 54 2 -
Do you have a secret stream?
A narrow path, or if you are especially lucky, no path at all, takes you there.
James Wells 07/15/2014 33 42 - -
Sea Stars wasting away - another rivet popping off the wing
A family trip to the seashore revealed to us yet another instance of the natural world unraveling before our eyes. We had been on the lookout for Sea Star Wasting Disease this spring. Just two ...
James Wells 06/14/2014 75 133 2 -
The Infoterrorists
On some future day in the not too distant future, the label of “Infoterrorist” will be affixed to all people who simply seek to expose what is true.
James Wells 06/08/2014 37 63 5 -
Month 79: Ruth Mountain
I'm lucky to have a favorite mountain. I wish everybody could. Her name is Ruth. [Some photos in this post were taken during trips on prior years]
James Wells 06/03/2014 15 20 - -
Chasing the Red Queen in Frackingland
"Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!" The Red Queen, of course, was ...
James Wells 05/22/2014 15 31 1 -
A weekend of climate action with Bill McKibben
We have had a big weekend for climate awareness and action here in Bellingham, Washington. Climate leader and author Bill McKibben visited us and had events Friday evening and Saturday ...
James Wells 05/18/2014 45 65 - -
Investing for the Future: An Old Tradition With a New Purpose
Have you heard that people are not willing to sacrifice now in order to have a better future? If you ever discuss actions to save our climate, there’s a good chance that you have. Repeatedly. ...
James Wells 05/11/2014 21 29 2 -
Stopping Fossil Fuel Exports - An Interview with Bill McKibben
People in our corner of northwest Washington have a lot of gratitude to author Bill McKibben. In addition to his national leadership on climate, Bill came out here in May, 2011 to help raise the ...
James Wells 05/08/2014 33 37 1 -
Windfall: Making a Profit from Global Warming
In the United States, people concerned about climate change focus much of their energy on how to communicate the facts about climate in the face of a well-funded campaign of disinformation on the ...
James Wells 04/19/2014 43 51 4 -
Lechuguilla Cave: Not in Kansas Any More
The cave passages called Oz are an otherworld to an otherworld. On Wednesday, it was time to climb the hundreds of feet of rope to get there. Lechuguilla Cave, New Mexico, qualifies as one of the ...
James Wells 03/22/2014 88 182 6 -
Keystone XL: Ending the Combustapalooza!
In a textbook example of irony, the United States and Canada are considering doing, at the same time, two nonsensically opposite things: 1) Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions through substantial ...
James Wells 03/07/2014 16 24 - -
Keystone XL: Making It Personal, Because It Is!
A whole lot of people are going to comment about the Keystone XL Pipeline before the deadline at 11:59:59 ET on Friday night. Some commenters are top experts who will provide the equivalent of ...
James Wells 03/06/2014 34 29 - -
The Grieving Room: One Year later - going through the boxes
My Dad had his 82nd birthday on Valentine's Day a year ago, and then passed away six days later. A tribute to him is here . I am so grateful for the support from the ...
James Wells 02/17/2014 52 39 1 -
The Vampire Squid has left the building!
"The world's most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money." Matt Taibbi's ...
James Wells 01/09/2014 8 36 - -
"If you pick me up every day, you will be able to do it forever"
We both know that it's not true. Not literally. There have already been exceptions. This spring, when I injured my back while clearing out my childhood home, there were several weeks when there ...
James Wells 01/03/2014 20 67 - -
Proud Parent Moment # 3,457
You try to teach, you try to lead by example, and you wonder and wonder if you are being heard on a certain topic, and then ... The ...
James Wells 11/23/2013 24 45 - -
Your chance to speak out on a plan that will cause Gigaton-level CO2 emissions
Yes Gigatons - that's no typo. At the stroke of midnight on Monday the 18th, the public comment period will close on the scope of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the proposed ...
James Wells 11/16/2013 23 49 2 -
Delusional Optimism
A few weeks ago, I was speaking to a group of students at Western Washington University (Go Vikings!) about what we all can do to protect our environment and climate. In the face of daunting ...
James Wells 11/08/2013 59 103 3 -
Hummingbirds: Facing Down Climate Silence in our National Parks
During the question and answer period at the end of the ranger program, an attendee asked if the glaciers are really going away. Ranger J gave a fact filled answer that yes, all of the glaciers at ...
James Wells 09/11/2013 40 66 - -
Celebrating Water, at Glacier National Park
The stuff of life arrives high in the mountains of northwest Montana, whether in the form of rain or any of the 17 forms of frozen precipitation. From there it flows, down waterfalls, perhaps ...
James Wells 08/20/2013 19 35 - -
Outsourcing Carbon Pollution - Not So Fast!
I want you to imagine something. Imagine being held responsible for what you do. If you create a mess, then you have to clean it up. When you make a plan, you are required to make sure that your ...
James Wells 07/31/2013 32 22 1 -
Most Beautiful Place in the World
Komo Kulshan, Great White Watcher.
James Wells 07/05/2013 114 117 1 -
Declaring Independence from the Abilene Syndrome
Now is exactly the right time to declare independence from what is harmful, yet somehow accepted in our world. There are so many to choose from. If you've got a declaration to share, please ...
James Wells 07/03/2013 23 26 1 -
But We Wants It!
I spent my second summer of 1987 directing drill rigs that were looking for gold, just north of the Transvaal open pit gold mine in Southern Cross, West Australia. The drilling was part of a ...
James Wells 06/28/2013 26 37 - -
Discounting Our Future
By the time she is my age, my daughter will be worth only 12.9 percent of what she’s worth now. This according to the 5% “discount rate” applied by our federal government for one of their ...
James Wells 06/20/2013 7 12 - -
Corps of Engineers Designs Henhouse: Excludes 99 Percent of Chickens
"What, me worry?" Who knew? It turns out that huge concerns about global warming are outside the boundaries of the little thought boxes that guide the Army Corps of Engineers. The single most ...
James Wells 06/18/2013 10 20 - -
This is What Extraction Looks Like I keep seeing this term “Production” used to describe the process of extracting a natural material and sending it on its way to becoming pollution. That’s ...
James Wells 06/14/2013 26 49 - -
Climate Change and Coal Export: Taking Responsibility
They put out this fossil fool plan for public comment, and got over 124,000 comments. Well, they asked. Now, our favorite permitting agencies have a good idea what many members of the public have ...
James Wells 06/08/2013 31 50 3 -
Collision With Reality
It’s all just fine, until the moment that it’s not: rock or steel rips through steel, oil pours on to the ground or into the water, and all prior plans are out the window. The event was ...
James Wells 04/19/2013 9 25 - -
My Dad
I remember my father putting out his index finger and I would hold it with my entire hand as we walked together. He was tall and strong, not just to small me, but to everyone who knew him.
James Wells 02/23/2013 83 230 2 -
Forward on Climate: Doing the Impossible
This week we've received an impressive collection of information and inspiration about climate change from scientists and other leaders who are, to put it simply, my heroes. We've seen, once again, ...
James Wells 02/15/2013 40 76 1 -
Forward on Climate: The Ringwraiths of Despair
Here to spread despair When the Ringwraiths arrived on any scene, they always brought their most powerful weapon. It wasn’t their swords, nor the fell flying beasts they rode. It was despair. ...
James Wells 02/14/2013 57 88 5 -
Lucraphrenia: The Mental Effects of Thinking Too Much About Money
Why do the financial “experts” make decisions that are so removed from human values? Part of the reason may be that they spend too much of their time thinking about money. Filthy Lucre The ...
James Wells 01/31/2013 36 46 7 -
Our Cousins of the Salish Sea
Howard Garrett speaks for orcas. Specifically, the co-founder and president of Orca Network , speaks passionately for preserving the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whale population of the ...
James Wells 01/23/2013 37 59 2 -
Some decisions are truly a one way street. Once a path is chosen, it won't be rolled back. We have in front of us a decision on whether to double down on a massive new climate destroying big coal ...
James Wells 01/20/2013 20 18 - -
Reclaiming Growth
If only this was what they meant When you think of "€growth",€ what comes to mind? Progress? Improvement? Prosperity? Is the concept of growth a pleasing one? For many people, it is all those ...
James Wells 01/11/2013 25 27 1 -
Don't Pee In The Pool!
One day, as you swim in your town’s only public pool, you observe an ever-increasing crowd of people standing at the edge of the pool, peeing into the water. Despite your vigorous protests, they ...
James Wells 01/05/2013 49 84 3 -
The Wisdom of the Shire - Brilliant!
My friend Jill says there are no coincidences. This book, arriving at exactly this time as we all face huge decisions about our future, could not be more relevant and timely. The Wisdom of the ...
James Wells 12/12/2012 23 62 4 -
The House of Actual Reality
Two houses, in fair Whatcom where we set our scene From ancient grudge, break to new mutiny. The House of Money Born of the patriarch Sir Goldman Sachs And the Lady Berkshire Hathaway Is building ...
James Wells 11/28/2012 7 8 - -
Time, in a Timeless Place
Seven of us entered Lechuguilla Cave for a planned week-long trip underground, at 11:45 AM on Saturday November 10th. We were expected out by the following Saturday evening. As we travelled along, ...
James Wells 11/21/2012 27 69 9 -
They've got the money. We've got the humans!
There's a reason that we'€™re so fired up in our little corner of Washington State. It's not the first snow already falling at the ski area (although that's great!). It's not the Vikings, nor ...
James Wells 10/23/2012 14 24 2 -
Tis the Season to Decide Our Future
The hounds have been released at last. Speak now or forever hold your peace. You snooze, you lose. We have one hundred and twenty days, starting today, to provide our input on the scope of the ...
James Wells 09/24/2012 7 6 1 73
Climate SOS: There Is No Daylight
“I just hope they don’t get us all distracted on that global warming thing, because we’ve got some serious concerns about the coal export terminal.” This comment was offered by someone I ...
James Wells 08/23/2012 24 49 1 242
Who Are the Welfare Queens Now?
They are somewhere in between being a floor wax and a desert topping. Between a mammal and a lizard. Are they a public utility or a private corporation? Do the rules of public trust apply? Or is ...
James Wells 06/22/2012 5 12 - 265
Cause of Death: Accounting Error
"I am sorry for your loss. If we had full cost accounting for the energy we use, he probably would have lived at least another ten years." Even though this is undeniably true, thousands of times ...
James Wells 06/02/2012 22 27 3 289
On refusing to be rounded out of existence
"They're just going to be rounded out of existence, because they are a small percent of the population." The phrase, arriving in the middle of a deeply technical presentation, stood out for ...
James Wells 05/21/2012 47 208 10 1277
101 Reasons to be Concerned About Coal Export
The fiasco of massive coal export is fast approaching the shores of our Pacific Northwest. Hadn't heard? These climate-busting, community destroying schemes will benefit billionaires somewhere, ...
James Wells 05/02/2012 54 48 6 899
On the way to catch up with my family on the island, I met Kai, who was the last of the siblings gathering for the imminent end of their father's voyage. Although for the most difficult of reasons, ...
James Wells 04/13/2012 22 38 - 343
What can marriage equality teach us about protecting our climate?
A lot of the time, it feels pretty hopeless advocating to protect the climate. The banshees drown out every sane word or thought, and there are too many of them. Here are some recent lessons ...
James Wells 03/24/2012 26 38 2 379
Right brain for this decision?
The Carboncrats dream up new big carbon pollution schemes. We get to live them. As we confront the spectre of vast coal export plans throughout the west coast of the US and BC, we see that much ...
James Wells 03/18/2012 14 15 - 315
And So It Begins
The manuevers to date have been no more than a series of visits from the warg riders. A concern mostly as a harbinger of what is to come, slinking away or filibustering when confronted directly. ...
James Wells 03/13/2012 16 33 - 346
It's great for the coal cabal! For us, not so much.
When big carbon comes to town, the resulting swath of destruction is economic as well as environmental. This should not be too much of a surprise for anybody who has been paying attention. Here in ...
James Wells 03/07/2012 39 9 - 271
Can a community defy a cabal of multi-national corporations?
Conventional wisdom says no. Their elephant feet will simply stomp you. Armed with lawyers, guns, and money, they will have their way. But maybe it is possible to be fast enough, nimble enough, ...
James Wells 02/07/2012 28 79 6 593
The Purity Test
The right wing has lots of purity tests. No taxes. No cooperation with the president of our country. Purity tests are ingrained in their nature. So it should be no surprise to see them misapply ...
James Wells 02/05/2012 7 17 - 148
Pretty much the dumbest idea ever
The plan is to dig up two trillion pounds of rocks and ship them 6,000 miles to China. There they will light those rocks on fire, so they can make more pieces of cheap plastic crap that we will buy ...
James Wells 01/25/2012 146 265 6 2009
Global Warming - Creating the Conditions for a Cronkite Moment - Part 2: This is solvable
Yes, it is possible for us to avert the worst of global warming. Our children and grandchildren have a right to a livable planet, and we can deliver it to them. It can be done.
James Wells 01/14/2012 91 62 7 565
Exporting Carbon Pollution - We Shall Not Participate in Our Own Destruction
They offer a few crumbs to the economically stressed community. "Jobssssss. Yesssss, precious. Jobssssss. And if you don't want them, we know a town that does, just across the border. The Others,
James Wells 12/22/2011 91 36 4 443
Global Warming - Taking on the 8 Dogs of the Apocalypse
The gobal warming deniers are on the run! Yes really! Despite the bad news on the surface, the underlying signal of denier retreat is as unmistakeable as the world-wide temperature increase signal.
James Wells 12/20/2011 24 19 1 198
Global Warming - Creating the Conditions for a Cronkite Moment
UPDATE : Thanks for keeping it mostly civil. The discussion of the diary includes comments from someone trying to refute what I think is scientific consensus, that the ...
James Wells 12/17/2011 183 75 8 730
Climate Change: simple points for low-information environments
Sometimes when the topic isn't overtly about climate change, it really is about climate change, or it should be. Much of the information which influences public opinion appears in connection with ...
James Wells 10/08/2011 14 12 - 123
If you don’t know exactly who you have killed, are they still dead?
Up to 34,000 totally avoidable premature deaths a year, happening now.
James Wells 07/16/2011 6 6 - 109
How many Republicans does it take to screw over a light bulb?
While reading Stephen Lacey’s excellent column on Climate Progress ...
James Wells 07/09/2011 46 76 4 514
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