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Reid about to cave on filibuster reform
The nagging fears of progressives everywhere may be about to come true. TPM is reporting that Sen. Reid is about to reach a deal with Sen. McConnell to gut the Merkley-Udall filibuster reform plan ...
TomK002 01/23/2013 254 118 4 -
UGA College Republicans Embrace Outsourcing
It should come as no surprise to anyone, but the UGA College Republicans embrace the fundamental economic approach of their candidate. They apparently decided to create some (hideous) "UGA Students ...
TomK002 10/30/2012 9 4 - -
This just in: Holder promised no torture prosecutions?
I dearly hope this is not true and that the GOP is just blowing smoke. However, Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO), is claiming that ...
TomK002 01/28/2009 106 24 - 53
Breaking: MN Supreme Court smacks down Coleman
The Minnesota Supreme Court just shot down Coleman's latest attempt to hold on to his Senate seat. Unlike the previous case in which the Court was fractured, the MN Supreme Court unanimously ruled ...
TomK002 12/24/2008 306 457 7 55
SCOTUS rejects another Obama citizenship challenge
This is hardly surprising, but the Supreme Court has rejected yet another ...
TomK002 12/15/2008 76 20 - 33
Gallup: Bounce Continues
Gallup's daily tracking poll is out, and just like yesterday, Obama is +8 with a 49-41 lead. While I'm ...
TomK002 08/30/2008 85 17 - 22
The Correct Answer to the Public Financing Question
Overall, I think Obama is doing a great job tonight. I thought his response to the question of the opposition to the war was a grand slam. That being said, I think that he missed a serious ...
TomK002 02/26/2008 7 2 1 -
Anyone know the procedure for filing to run for Congress in Texas?
TomK002 02/17/2005 10 - - 9
Ann Coulter really is just too stupid to live
TomK002 10/08/2004 8 - - -
Frost/Sessions polling?
TomK002 10/07/2004 1 - - -
Even Gallup Says We Won
TomK002 09/30/2004 8 - - -
Zell Miller=duplicitous jackass
TomK002 09/01/2004 - - - 1
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