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Gov. Kasich Campaign Ad Tries To Make You Forget Anti-Union Law He Supported
Lieutenant Steve - brainwashed police officer Ohio Governor John Kasich has been batting a thousand for ridiculous campaign ads so far this election season. My current favorite is titled 'He Listened'
cadfile 08/27/2014 2 9 - -
My Free School Lunch Horror Story
After reading the story about Rep. Paul Ryan's false 'no free school lunch' story he told at CPAC ...
cadfile 03/11/2014 198 363 3 -
Before Obamacare The Health Care System Worked?
Good Oral Health Is Important One of the old tropes used by the GOP and their complaint corporate media drones is that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will 'destroy' a health care system that we ...
cadfile 01/20/2014 24 39 - -
Bad Journalism About The Affordable Care Act Trickling Down To My Local Station
The problems with the national website have been reported quite a bit by a national media that loves to parrot Republican talking points. I really hoped that the bias in the reporting ...
cadfile 10/30/2013 6 5 - -
Why Can't We Drug Test Welfare Recipients? I Got Tested For My Job
Friends of mine who are somewhat liberal ask me, Why can't we drug test welfare recipients? I got tested for my job . It's true, many people are tested for drug use before being employed. Even the ...
cadfile 09/02/2013 242 303 11 -
Why Do We Have To Choose Between Privacy Or Security?
If you aren't doing anything wrong then this should not be a problem, right? The media coverage over what National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden did, by publicly revealing the large ...
cadfile 07/08/2013 9 5 - -
A Few Minutes With Secular Student Alliance's August Brunsman
August E. Brunsman IV, Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance I have known August Brunsman, Executive Director of the Secular Student Alliance (SSA), ...
cadfile 05/08/2013 1 - - -
Guys, If The Girl Is Drunk It Is Rape – Period
The Steubenville, Ohio rape trial is over and both boys were found guilty. News reports of some of the testimony on Saturday really ticked me off. It is real simple guys, if the girl is shitfaced ...
cadfile 03/17/2013 165 22 1 -
Obama's Stupid "Grand Bargain" Gives GOP No Incentive To Replace Sequester
Speaker John Boehner: I got 98% of what I wanted... HA! HA! Earlier on Thursday, Republicans in the Senate filibustered a bill meant to replace the "dreaded" sequester due to take effect today (...
cadfile 03/01/2013 3 6 - -
Ohio Sheriff Calls President Obama An Enemy - Won't Enforce Laws He Doesn't Like
Hancock County Ohio Sheriff Michael Heldman Think law nullification is a quaint old timey southern strategy that was used to defend slavery in the 1860's and segregation in the 1960's? An Ohio ...
cadfile 02/05/2013 252 195 2 -
Simple Logical Reason The GOP Is Wrong For This Country
The Romney-Ryan campaign like most cheap labor conservatives think that poor people are just lazy and would have a job if we didn't coddle them with things like food stamps and welfare but they also ...
cadfile 10/25/2012 1 4 - -
Failure Of Green Energy Companies Doesn't Mean We Don't Need Green Energy
President Obama visits a wind turbine factory A couple of my conservative friends post on Facebook with glee every time a green energy company that received government loans fails or if the Chevy ...
cadfile 10/19/2012 15 5 - -
Breaking - Appeals Court Rules Ohio Early Voting Must Be Open To All
6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that if early voting in Ohio is open the last 3 days for the military then it must also be open for all ...
cadfile 10/05/2012 51 99 1 867
Ohio Republicans admit anti-redistricting reform ad was false
Today in the Columbus Dispatch, it was reported that the Ohio Republican Party and Protect Your Vote Ohio - who opposed State Issue 2 titled "Ohio Citizens Independent Redistricting Commission ...
cadfile 10/05/2012 1 8 - 71
Website Gives Instructions On How To Commit Voting Fraud
Only people trying to steal Ohio's vote seems to be the GOP One of the narratives of the GOP and right-wing this election season is that our country is being threatened by rampant voting fraud. ...
cadfile 09/29/2012 7 27 1 198
[OH-Issue 2] Opponents Of Ohio Redistricting Reform Air Misleading Ad
Banner for Ohio State Issue 2 State Issue 2 will be on the ballot in Ohio to reform the way congressional districts are drawn after each census. A cross section of groups from the League of Women ...
cadfile 09/27/2012 3 5 - 42
Vandana Shiva: Industrial Agriculture Hurting Our Food System And Health
Vandana Shiva Vandana Shiva was on Moyers & Company on July 13th talking about her fight against genetically modified (GM) seeds and other attempts by industrial agriculture companies, like Monsanto,
cadfile 07/24/2012 3 10 - 45
Boy Scout’s Anti-LGBT Policy Drips With Religious Right Bigotry Code Words
On June 7th the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) reaffirmed their policy to deny membership to LGBT people. There was a chance they would reconsider but the consensus of a secret committee decided it was "
cadfile 07/19/2012 17 16 - 131
Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
One ...
cadfile 01/27/2012 14 7 1 117
Anti-Abortion Supporters Use Ohio State Senators, Children, And Teddy Bears As Props
cadfile 01/11/2012 5 6 - 45
No Internet piracy but Congress considering letting cable and satellite providers to steal content
Of course we should expect this from a Congress that seems more intent on protecting the 1% and sticking it to the 99%. In the same week it is considering breaking the Internet to protect the big ...
cadfile 12/16/2011 7 8 1 104
Unemployed Republican Voter Parrots Ron Paul On Social Safety Net
cadfile 12/11/2011 19 28 - 198
Flashback: Naivete Can Be A Negative (2003)
cadfile 12/04/2011 3 4 - 21
Coach Woody Hayes endorses Herman Cain??
cadfile 12/01/2011 18 1 - 63
Beware Of The 'Professional Left' - It Will Eat Your Children
I found out ...
cadfile 11/21/2011 14 1 - 107
Michael Shermer's Skepticism Missing In Giving Praise Of David Brooks
cadfile 11/11/2011 8 9 - 60
Speaker Boehner Demands President Help Pass Phantom Job Bills Stuck In Senate
On ...
cadfile 10/30/2011 5 14 - 88
Something else Governor Perry can be proud of: Texas #1 in child abuse deaths
Saw an interesting article on the BBC News website tonight. It seems the US has a child abuse death problem. The US has the highest number of child abuse deaths in the industrialized world and Texas ...
cadfile 10/17/2011 3 9 - 79
"Actually, it's a lot of work being poor" : Facts from one Ohio county
cadfile 08/22/2011 86 173 6 807
Ohio GOP will lie to keep from having to admit they were wrong on SB-5
If you see a report on the ...
cadfile 08/19/2011 9 26 - 143
A new campaign idea: "Re-Elect Obama: The Lesser Of Two Evils"
Lets's face it, many of us on the left are not happy with President Obama. He has done some good things but he has had some problems that were of his own doing. A friend of mine posted to an e-mail ...
cadfile 08/19/2011 36 3 - 89
Rep. Jim Jordan and the RSC want children to go hungry and they still hate women
Represenative Jim Jordan (OH-4), a cheap labor conservative and chair of the stealth Republican Study Committee introduced "H.R. 1167, the Welfare Reform Act of 2011" to do to food stamp recipients ...
cadfile 06/02/2011 1 3 - 23
University study shows lower Dem turn out led to GOP sweep in Ohio (updated)
A report released by the University of Akron’s Bliss Institute of Applied Politics maps out the Republican sweep of Ohio statewide offices and the open US Senate seat in 2010. The report, ...
cadfile 01/02/2011 91 30 2 137
Attack on Public Workers Unions starts in Ohio
No one listened to me. I told them, elect John Kasich and the Republicans in Ohio and it will end very badly for you. It was just announced that Sen. Shannon Jones, R-Springboro, plans on ...
cadfile 12/20/2010 46 20 - 116
OH-AG: Mike DeWine wants to be a crime fighter but Ohio AG job isn’t it
Former US Senator Mike DeWine was defeated in 2006 for reelection and pretty much disappeared from the political scene. This election season he decided he wanted to be the Ohio Attorney General. He ...
cadfile 09/23/2010 3 5 - 103
OH-Gov - Strickland tells his story and Kasich shows he has no plans in 1st Debate
Governor Ted Strickland (D) and former Congressman John Kasich (R) squared off in the first debate for the Governor's office Tuesday night. Neither candidate moved off their current talking points ...
cadfile 09/15/2010 10 12 - 70
OH-Gov: John Kasich wants to outsource Ohio development efforts [Updated]
John Kasich, a cheap labor conservative and candidate for Ohio Governor, announced on Tuesday his plan to throw 400 state workers out of a job and provide corporate welfare under the guise of "...
cadfile 08/17/2010 5 9 - 199
OH-Gov: Kasich is wrong for Ohio Governor because he offers only rejected GOP plan
The 2010 election for the Governor of Ohio is a perfect example, on a smaller scale, of the Republican obstructionism and having no real ideas for governing. The GOP is also supporting a guy with a ...
cadfile 07/22/2010 18 9 - 175
The Ultimate Guide to the Political Talk Shows
I am sick and tired. I have tried to watch them but I can't stand it any more. They are hurting the political discourse in this country and outside the wonks who live and breathe politics, they have ...
cadfile 04/11/2010 5 2 - 31
When did you think "kill the bill" meant no bill at all?
I've been caught up in the current policy debate over the Senate version of the health care reform bill. The arguments have been nasty on both sides throwing around words ...
cadfile 12/21/2009 61 10 - 49
Getting kick in the 'nads over health care reform
It has been a bad week for those us supporting real reform in Health care insurance. We got stabbed in the back by the Senate and it looks like President Obama is getting the sell out he wanted. ...
cadfile 12/17/2009 6 - - 38
Confession of a reformed health insurance drone
I worked for a pharmacy benefit manager for 5 years. A PBM is like a health care HMO for medications. The PBM I worked for is one of the top companies in the category in revenues and size. We also ...
cadfile 08/29/2009 9 15 - 26
The ultimate fix to the American healthcare system
One of the priorities of the new Obama administration is to reform the healthcare system in the United States. Statistics show that while the US spends the most per patient, the quality of that care ...
cadfile 05/29/2009 4 7 - 16
What is the deal with attacking Rush Limbaugh?
In the past couple of weeks or so I have noticed an up tick in attacks on comedian Rush Limbaugh, especially coming from the White House and Democratic associated groups. I just don't get it. Rush ...
cadfile 02/01/2009 57 6 - 18
Accountability doesn't seem to apply to the rich and well connected - Surprise!
Another day of news and another heavy sigh. I could just beat my head against a wall, but then my insurance company may not pay for the resulting medical bills. The problem is when god damn ...
cadfile 01/18/2009 6 10 - 6
McCain and Palin hope Findlay Ohio people are stupid
Sarah Palin gave a stump speech at the University of Findlay in Findlay Ohio on Wednesday. It was her standard stump speech tweaked to give the Findlay faithful a shout out. Unfortunately, many of ...
cadfile 10/23/2008 6 6 - 13
Biased election coverage on WBNS in Columbus Ohio
WBNS is owned by the same company that owns the Columbus Dispatch, which endorsed John McCain for President on Sunday. Here is a video from their late news about the day in the election. John ...
cadfile 10/19/2008 20 7 1 2
New Ohio poll shows Ohioans are messed up
Eight major newspapers in Ohio, including The Toledo Blade, Columbus Dispatch, and Cleveland Plain Dealer got together and sponsored an election poll this past week. The results were posted today (...
cadfile 09/21/2008 82 3 - 169
Obama is going to end the current malaise
I spent about an hour Thursday night watching the acceptance speech delivered by Barack Obama at the just concluded Democratic National Convention. Tears came to my eyes. There's no crying in ...
cadfile 08/29/2008 15 2 - 1
Message to CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS
Cross posted from Doug's Views I have one message to Joe, Sean, Pat, Nora, Soledad, Chris, Campbell, Wolf, and the other "commentators" covering the ...
cadfile 08/28/2008 91 74 3 53
4th of July Diminished
The 4th of July use to be one of my favorite holidays when I was younger. Back in Findlay, the holiday was a community event. Some years there would be kid games and BBQ at Riverside Park. Along ...
cadfile 07/04/2008 2 3 - -
Sweden's FISA style law passed this past week
It seems that Sweden also had a vote on a law to allow previously illegal wiretaps on phone and e-mails that cross their borders. Swedish lawmakers voted late on Wednesday in favour of ...
cadfile 06/22/2008 22 5 - -
Why I am an independent - Part 2 (why I hate primaries)
This week is when the rubber hits the road and all the glad handing and baby kissing done this past year takes a breather as the 2008 US Presidential election begins its primary phase. Politically I ...
cadfile 01/01/2008 6 2 - 22
Why I am an independent - Part 1
In the past year I have been reading more and more left leaning blogs like Daily Kos and I really enjoy most of the posts and articles. I gave up on MSM a few years ago and usually ...
cadfile 12/20/2007 15 2 - 3
Revenge driving justice system
I would be the first one to say the justice system is imperfect. After all it is a human construction and I don't know of any humans who are perfect. The problems stem from the need to be ...
cadfile 11/04/2007 8 6 - 3
Robert Parry Explains the Left's Media Miscalculation
Caught the article The Left's Media Miscalculation (Redux) by Robert Parry on the The Baltimore Chronicle website today. It is the same article published in 2005 and still seems relevant today. Why ...
cadfile 09/25/2007 1 12 - 2
Stossel tries to sell Health Savings Account sham
ABC's 20/20 co-host John Stossel, a former consumer advocate who turned into a cranky libertarian - much like Dennis Miller, presented only one side of the story about America's healthcare system ...
cadfile 09/16/2007 32 11 - 30
Protecting "our" children from books whether you like it or not
I was watching the local news on Wednesday when I came across a story about a book controversy in a local school ...
cadfile 09/13/2007 35 35 1 140
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