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the only thing we should focus on, as nothing will get done without it
we will not make any progress on issues that matter to us if we don't get the dirty hand of money out of our democracy. without this we will be swimming against an ever stronger current. we must put ...
darwinsfeet 03/13/2013 5 4 1 -
somebody please put Rubio's drinking picture on top of his Time mag cover
and make it go viral!
darwinsfeet 02/12/2013 9 1 - -
The Elephant in the Room: military budget
the US spends more on military than the other top 10 countries combined!
darwinsfeet 12/24/2012 4 10 - -
PLEASE sign petition for SINGLE PAYER and spread the word!
Create a single-payer healthcare system for the betterment of American citizens & businesses, which will lower costs
darwinsfeet 11/18/2012 9 8 - -
enough with election analysis - let's get on with business!!!
who cares anymore if Romney and his brainwashed followers are shell shocked. so reality smacked them in the face, how's that news to any of us? the earth is not flat, evolution is real, and ...
darwinsfeet 11/10/2012 4 3 - -
American Basij
the police in the US are behaving just like the Basij in Iran. They are not there "To Serve and To Protect" the people, but to serve and protect the 1%. In Iran the 1% are the clergy and their ...
darwinsfeet 11/18/2011 4 2 - 41
entire US govt needs to be elected under new financing rules
the fact is that the entire US govt are bought and owned by the big banks and big oil and military industrial complex. starting with Obama, most of congress, and their cherry picked supreme court ...
darwinsfeet 11/04/2011 6 2 - 35
to beat China, the US will become LIKE China
I saw the diary on the Rec list titled "Restoration: How to Fight Back and Win", and I thought to myself, dream on! The oligarchy has other plans for you, and as the recent elections showed, their ...
darwinsfeet 11/06/2010 46 3 - 38
baa baa black sheep, have you any wool?
yes sir, yes sir, three bags full! one (bailout) for the banks one (bailout) for the automakers one (bailout) for the insurance companies what about the little boy down the lane? ahhh, fuck him!
darwinsfeet 12/17/2009 54 2 - 22
mandated coverage without care = slavery
if our government is going to mandate (FORCE) us to buy crapsurance, and the crapsurance murder companies can then still DENY to pay for our treatments, then we are nothing short of SLAVES...
darwinsfeet 12/16/2009 65 2 - 29
"elections matter", just about as much as in "American Idol"
darwinsfeet 12/10/2009 67 6 - 142
Afgh is all about China, Russia, Oil. nothing to do w fking taliban or alqaeda BULLS..T!
"we" got Iraq and Afgh, and Iran is still a target. it's all about oil, and preventing Russia and China from controlling it. all the bull crap about terrorism is just that. keep your stupid open ...
darwinsfeet 11/30/2009 78 7 - 143
signing statements constitutional?
President Obama says he will use signing statements sparingly, to indicate if he thinks a portion of a bill is unconstitutional. Being a constitutional scholar, I'm sure he will have a great insight ...
darwinsfeet 03/09/2009 57 2 - 20
the importance of GOP to our country: 2% # Story Highlights # House Republicans unveil list of "wasteful" Senate stimulus spending (about 20 billion out of 880 !!! ) # ...
darwinsfeet 02/03/2009 7 2 - -
is this the CBO report they've been talking about? but it was only released today, why was FOX talking about it a week ago?
darwinsfeet 01/27/2009 1 3 - 2
fight against wingnut emails from friends
some of my friends keep forwarding me these stupid wingnut emails, and they think they are funny. When i snap back at them and tell them these emails are garbage, they patronise me with fluff ...
darwinsfeet 11/26/2008 29 5 1 24
convert auto makers into train makers
why bother to bail out GM and other failing auto makers, so they can continue to build the same crappy cars that nobody wants (hence their impending failure)? We don't need more and more cars on the ...
darwinsfeet 11/14/2008 28 4 - 35
Democratic physician voting for McCain over healthcare policy!
A friend of mine on facebook wrote a status message of "I'm debating my political choices". She is a Physician. So I said to her what's there to debate? on one hand you have an old fart who ...
darwinsfeet 10/27/2008 106 24 - 21
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