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Freedom and Fireworks??
I had a simple little experience last night that led me to an epiphany about where our country is right now. Follow me below the orange star burst for more ...
noteaforme 07/05/2014 33 34 1 -
Why I became a Democrat
That's me, in the 2012 shirt ... a former Texas Republican, canvassing for Obama in Florida. See, we can learn from our mistakes! I'm heeding the call, to write a diary about why I became a ...
noteaforme 10/23/2013 61 157 1 -
Twilight Zone... WTF is going on here??
I'm a lifelong Texan, born and raised here. I've lived here all of my 29... Ok, screw it, 36 years. And I am shocked by what I'm seeing... Follow me below the orange whatever the heck it is for more.
noteaforme 06/27/2013 128 374 4 -
No other way to say it
I'm not sure how else to put this...
noteaforme 11/06/2012 4 6 - -
Right=Wrong... How did I end up here?
I was raised in a Republican household in Texas. I voted Republican, because that's just what you did. Then I decided to actually pay attention, and I had an epiphany! For me, right = wrong. How ...
noteaforme 10/23/2012 3 30 1 -
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