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For having to ditch at the last minute last night...

I would've much much MUCH rather have been here, but something came up last night that I don't have the desire or the energy to fully rehash, but, let's just say that "We are the 99%!" is even more meaningful to Hubby & I now than it was before. Good vibes (no mistletoe necessary! ;D) would be appreciated.

How 'bout some SPARK to end this $hitacular week? I frequently comment that I'd like to bring 1 or more of my kitties to work with me to get me through the day; it turns out someone else had a similar idea. :D Man, Hubby would really be in trouble in this place! Finally, before "Major Kong," "HAL," and that snowed - in hotel in the mountains, we had this kewlness. :D

Let's Countdown!

#5 "Cain't Hardly Wait" AKA "Bang the Drum Slowly" - So, boys & girls, it sounds like Mrs. "Herb" didn't know about Ginger White or the fact that her dearly beloved was giving tons of coin to Ginger White until the other day. OOPS! Yea, this ain't exactly like forgetting to write down a debit charge & getting an overdraft fee. ;D "Herb" is going to see the Mrs. this weekend & possibly make an announcement tomorrow. Lots of people think he'll ditch the campaign & go back to promoting his sorry self & his leadership creds. I think a marriage advice column is in the works; Governor SPARK can be his partner. ;D The "Women for Cain" website features a popular stock photo, and a 999 Fund website couldn't spell his name. AND, Newtie is feeling quite confident about his nominee chances, thank you very much. I don't know; he seems awfully empathetic toward "illegals," and if the GOBP begins to remember those climate change ads he did with Nancy Pelosi, he will be IN THE SOUP! Donald the Rump is going to moderate a MENSA meeting a couple days after Christmas; no, I'm not watching that mother, either! Former Senator Jon Danforth is damn embarrassed by the candidates & the warm and fuzzy crowds at the "debates." Steve Kornacki is in studio to put on his Carnac hat to predict "Herb"'s future. If any of y'all don't get the "Carnac" reference, google it, and, no, it's not some "gay thing." :D At this time, it looks like "Herb"'s supporters will head toward Newt's way because these backers clearly don't have issues with extramarital affairs. :) What religion did Newt find? He wasn't always a Jesus freak? I thought that was a prerequisite for GOBP membership now! Keith thinks "Herb" needs to go all Jimmy Swaggart tomorrow to save his POTUS nominee bacon; now, THAT would be a sight. :) Tim Dickinson gets to chat up "the Donald's" debut as "debate" moderator. Y'all remember when Keith moderated that Dem debate in Chicago?! :) I sure do; it was a damn hot day, and storms were in the area. A few of these MENSA members are actually courting "the Donald" for an endorsement or something. If memory serves, I think Keith lives in 1 of Donald's buildings; I know he did at one time!

#4 "Walker Freedom Deranger" AKA "Pay to Protest" - I wonder if Keith got the idea to do this story from the diary of our own F.O.O., Puddytat?! Now, THAT would be cool! :D The Governor of Fitzwalkerstan now wants to charge protestors for the privilege of cops breaking up their protests & potentially getting showered with pepper spray and any clean - up involved in such breaking up & showering.  I commented in Puddytat's diary that fair is fair. If Governor Scotty decided to bless someplace with HIS presence, the place where he wants to go should be able to charge HIM a fee for the use of the place, the increased number of bodies there to protect his sorry a$$, for the inconvenience of him being there, etc. I think that's a damn good idea! :) If your group is more than 4 people, you get to pay up. Protestors turned their backs on Governor Scotty when he lit the state Christmas tree today, and a big 'ol "RECALL" sign ended up there over the tree later on. Man, I lurve them CheeseHeads - except the Packers, of course. I DO have to keep my priorities straight. ;D Graeme Zielinski works for the Dems in Wisconsin. What Governor Scotty's trying might - just might - be illegal & not pass Constitutional muster. NO! REALLY? 

"Time Marches On!" - A little dude decided to drink out of the doggie bowl. Well, I guess we should be thankful the kid didn't decide to drink out of the terlet! A pig has only 2 legs but gets around just fine, thank you. :) A dog looks like its drowning in a tub; see, a cat would NEVER stand for that!

#3 "Occupy Day 77" AKA "Undeterred" - Well Keith, better late than never as far as getting Scott Olsen on the show. Yep, his previous employer beat him to the interview. And, to go slightly on a tangent here, I wonder if Keith is totally persona non grata over there now? Curious - sort of. OK, back to our originally - schedule diary. Some protestors continue to take their cases directly to those trying to drive them away. Occupy peeps visited "Herb" in TN. :) The also visited some Dems in DC charging lots of coin for an event; they ain't cow - towing by any party. :D Some Occupiers are trying to save foreclosed homes. Here's Scott Olsen! He's getting better & better with each passing day; people who see him notice he's getting better more than he is. I can see how that can be frustrating. Community & diversity brought him to Occupy Oakland in the first place, and he knows Sgt. Shamar Thomas. :) He's a little shocked at the militarization of police at these Occupy events, but ya' gotta consider the history of police actions in Oakland. I think cops in Oakland have been militarized for a long damn time. Scott wants a real honest - to - goodness democracy back; oh honey, don't hold your breath on that. There's too much money involved now.

WPITW - Some dude at the "Media Research Center" has some anger issues. Jabba the Ailes made sure FAUX News covered the unemployment numbers appropriately. ;D Grover Norquist, who doesn't like any taxes being raised, insists that the failure to extend payroll tax holiday WON'T be a tax increase.

"Fridays with Thurber" - Do I remember "Memorial"? Uh, I don't think so. Mr. Thurber sure liked his dogs.

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Fri Dec 02, 2011 at 06:11 PM PST.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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