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Happy Friday! :D Since I am in desperate need of a weekend after this first week of classes, I'm not going to do any diary - type stuff here tomorrow night for Keith's SC primary coverage. However, we're goin' sparkin' live for Tuesday's SOTU coverage, so be here & be ready to critique, make note, rip, rag, etc.


It's time for me to put some SPARK in our lives. :D I thought "across the pond" was supposed to be relatively gun free - $HIT! Has the NRA opened an office there?! Dressing up critters in people clothes has finally officially gotten way WAY out of control. Finally, can you just imagine what Man on Dog would say about this guy?!

Let's Countdown...

#5 "Slip & Surge" AKA "Tightening Up" - Mittens has had a no - good very bad week. He went from being the presumptive GOBP nominee at the beginning of the week to desperately trying to lower expectations about the SC primary tomorrow night & telling folk to get ready for a long primary season. Well, Mittens didn't help himself a whole lot, and Newtie knows how to appeal to the angry bat$hit around him. John King went right into the "open marriage" issue right at the start, Newt got hot & bothered, and John King looked like a puppy that had been swatted on the nose. Mittens is still getting pressured about tax returns; SC's Governor desperately tried to deflect the issue by wanting already - publicly available details about the ethics investigation against Newtie made...uh...I guess MORE public. ;D Tim Dickinson get to try to predict what kind of night the MENSA boys will have tomorrow night; I never thought Mittens had a chance to win because of the {insert hushed tone here} Mormon thing. But, then again, I thought Governor Secession would have a good night tomorrow night, too, so what the spark do I know?! ;D Mittens may not have to win by much to be on easy street nomination - wise. Craig Crawford gets to talk Mittens' fortunes - or lack thereof - this week. He agreed with me about Mittens bringing a lot of this week's misery onto himself! :D Mittens' peeps have been sending out feelers quoting the ethics report they wanted released to the public - BRILLIANT! Mr. Craig thinks the "inevitable" nature of Mittens' nomination may take a ding if he doesn't win by much.

#4 "So Long, SOPA" AKA "No SOPA for You!" - Both SOPA & PIPA have been put in "time out" after the spanking they got the other day with all the website blackouts. NPR brought out another damn interesting angle to why either the State Department or Defense Department or some other department I can't remember have a vested interest in NOT wanting to see either one of these laws see the light of day; passage of these laws will only make hackers get more creative about hacking into websites - and maybe websites that we really don't want to get airport control towers, power grids, etc.! The swing in support for these bills was a damn beautiful site the other night - ah, Congress critters of the jelly spine. ;D Our Great Orange Satanic leader gets SOPA/PIPA duty - again! Senator Wyden was the one to contact Daily Kos to let folk know the mothers even existed; Markos is shocked at the extent of the victory. :) There are alternate bills out there that Google & others are apparently on board with, but it remains to be seen whether those bills will see the light of day. Markos thinks a lot of these piracy issues would go away if Hollywood would just make it easy & fair for people to buy their product. This protest wasn't a "party line" thing - a damn damn rare thing.

"Time Marches On!" - HAS been a year since Keith's exit from MSNBC...well, a year ago tomorrow. Huh... Wow... I don't think I'll be forgetting THAT night anytime soon! ;D Some cows really liked a doggie. :) Another doggie was balancing itself on a chain between a couple of poles. A Catholic church in Mexico City blessed some critters. "Peace be with you - and also with Fido." :D

#3 "Occupy the Courts" AKA "United Citizens" - Citizens United officially enters "the terrible 2s" tomorrow, and Occupy protestors all over the country reminded us all of that today - including SCOTUS itself! 12 protestors were arrested for exercising their First Amendment rights AT SCOTUS today??!! Good sparkin' grief... San Francisco protestors marched in the financial district. Campus cops, however, struck again at a couple of UC campuses & at a regents' meeting. Josh Harkinson gets Occupy duty. He would've liked for protests of a one - day nature to have a bit more staying power. He thinks that can be done by building actual grass roots efforts in cities all around the country against Citizens United because, as I've mentioned, a Constitutional amendment overturning that horrid case has about the same chance of success as I do at being godmother to Bristol Palin's next kid. 

WPITW - The Dem KY Governator slashed education but kept a tax break for a Bible - themed amusement park. Newtie ripped President Obama because part of Disneyland was closed when he was there...except when POTUSs Nixon, Reagan, & Bush were there. Some crackpot doc says Newtie's extra - curricular activities will make him a better POTUS.

#1 "Fridays with Thurber" - I remember "Thoughts from Mr. Tierney!" :)

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Fri Jan 20, 2012 at 05:59 PM PST.

Also republished by Friends of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow, ClassWarfare Newsletter: WallStreet VS Working Class Global Occupy movement, Electronic America: Progressives Film, music & Arts Group, and Pink Clubhouse.

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