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There is a conspicuous trend developing at Fox News that indicates the depth of their desperation in light of the momentum President Obama is enjoying coming out of the party conventions. They are so afraid of an Obama victory in November that they are burying their own polls when the results show Obama leading.

Mitt Romney
is the...

Original Bankster
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Most recently, the Fox News poll published yesterday gave Obama a pronounced lead of 48% to 43% for Romney. It included a 12 point swing in Obama's favor by Independents, and the GOP advantage in enthusiasm has evaporated. In virtually every category of voter attitude Obama held a lead: On foreign policy (+15), education (+14), Medicare (+11), health care (+9), terrorism (+8), immigration (+4), taxes (+3), making the country a better place to live (+2), honesty (+11), steady leader (+10 ), the right experience (+7), keeping promises (+4), and strong moral values (+2). Romney led only in helping small businesses (+2) and understanding capitalism (+25).

There has been no mention of this poll on the Fox News community web site, Fox Nation. And this is not the first time that's occurred. Last month the Fox Nationalists posted the results of a Rassmussen poll that put Romney in the lead. The article neglected to say that three other polls released the same day had Obama ahead, and one of those was a Fox News poll that put Obama up by nine points.

Fox Nation August Poll

The same thing occurred last May when Fox News published a poll featuring an Obama lead of seven points. The Fox Nationalists missed that one as well. But it's not as if they don't like to post poll results. Take a look at the frequency with which they publish polls that have Romney out in front:

Fox Nation May Polls

Fox News is acting like a PR agency that is dutifully serving their client. Always hype good news and squelch bad news. It doesn't change the reality of the electoral contest, but it keeps their audience hypnotized with the sort of disinformation that will eventually bite them in the ass. When Obama wins in November, Fox's viewers will be stunned, having no idea that Obama was ever competitive. They currently are convinced that he has no chance of winning and that misconception is affirmed by Fox News pundits who assure their glassy-eyed disciples that Obama is toast. Bill O'Reilly even hosted Dick Morris (the world's worst pundit) to predict that Romney would win big, and to mercilessly rip apart the poll conducted by the people who are paying his salary.

When the folks at Fox are running so scared that they choose to hide the polls they spend so much money on, you know they are trembling severely. More importantly, they are exposing themselves as frauds who are more interested in deception than journalism. But then, that isn't exactly news.

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