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I made a vow long ago: until everyone in Washington state, where we live, had the right to marry the person they loved without regard to the sex or sexes of the couple, I would not refer to a certain person as my husband, only as my partner, and my partner agreed with this as well. This was a solidarity move with my community, the LGBTQ community, as the letter in that acronym that describes me is B. I am an out and proud bisexual woman whose partner is a man.

That certain person is Kossack Charles CurtisStanley. Family and friends, meet my partner husband Charles.

For nine and a half years, since we were handfasted on August 9, 2003, we have kept our vow. For nearly 9 years, since January 31, 2004, we have legally been husband and wife. We have refused to use those terms until our state had full marriage equality.

About 50 minutes ago, Governor Christine Gregoire signed Referendum 74,the referendum that anti-marriage groups got onto the ballot to repeal the law passed by the Leguslature and signed by the Governor that brought marriage equality to Washington. Voters voted to approve the referendum to keep marriage equality the law of the state, or to disapprove to repeal the marriage equality law. The referendum and full equality forces won at the ballot box, and tomorrow, county clerks all over the state will start issuing marriage licenses.

So for the first time on Daily Kos, maybe for the first time anywhere, I'm going to shout it from the rooftop:

And both of us, husband and wife, send our wishes for a lifetime of married happiness to all the same-sex couples who will start picking up their marriage licenses tomorrow, and to all the opposite-sex couples who waited in solidarity by whatever means.

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