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First, we will be eternally grateful for all the support and kind wishes.  I am sorry I cannot respond to each of you individually, but know that we read and appreciate every comment, kosmail, email, etc.  This community is at its best in moments like this when we support one another.

Second, don't worry, I am taking care of myself.  I get enough rest, sometimes napping during the day.  I take walks around the hospital to burn off energy.  I have things I can do (book reviews, school-related stuff) so that I feel productive while remaining fully available to anything Leaves needs.

We do not have a final diagnosis, although we expect that on Friday.   We know this much.
- it is apparently a blood-based cancer
- that has caused several lesions in her spine
- the doctors are already addressing those lesions with radiation (1st treatment today)
- chemo is down the road
- she has to wear a supportive back brace any time she is not lying down
- this is not immediately life-threatening

Again, thank you for your support and especially your prayers and holding her (us) in the Light.  We know it has made a difference.


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