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Spanish people are lazy AND stealing all the jobs. At the same time. Lazy, but also taking all the jobs because they work so much AND because they are lazy. Are you following me?

If we give all the money to the rich and don't tax them at all, eventually it will trickle down and the rich will give us back some of the money we gave them before. Totally.

Barney Frank destroyed the economy and President George W Bush was helpless to stop him.

Guns don't kill people, video games featuring guns kill people.

Taxing and spending are bad. Anyone who disagrees is a commie. Except Military Spending.

Anyone who wants to cut Military Spending isn't serious about national defense. That's why Republican Senators have filibustered the Secretary of Defense for the first time in US history even though he is a Republican, because they are worried that National Defense isn't going to be taken seriously.

The government that lets you have all the guns you want is evil. Sure they let you have every gun in the world but it is really a secret plot and they are also evil and plotting to put us all in FEMA camps and they are stockpiling bullets and they are gunna take all the guns they let us have away because tyranny.

Anything Michele Bachmann says. . .

   Honestly, the messages coming out of the Republican party makes less sense than the final season of Lost. They want small government that gets out of the marketplace and gets into a woman's vagina against her will. Then they wonder why women won't vote for them. They think Texas is proof that their no tax ideas work because of look at all the minimum wage poverty level jobs Texas has created and nevermind the fact that Texas is grossly dependent on Federal Tax dollars they receive from states like New York, Massachusetts and that terrible backwards third world economy known as California. In Republican world all of the leading urban centers of commerce and culture are a drag on the booming paradise that is Texas. Republicans have lost their fucking minds, and their attempts to explain why we should stick with the juvenile, simple minded self serving economic bullshit dreamed up by an eleven year old Grover Norquist in his bubble bath only make sense if you are fucking stupid. The kind of people who like Sarah Palin and buy Glenn Beck's books kind of stupid.

More below the fold

America needs less teachers and more guns.

Ideas like this only make sense if you are stupid.

We have FACTS, 30 years of facts that say that the only thing Republican ideas do are enrich corporations and the already wealthy at the expense of everyone else. At this point the Republican party is stuck on stupid, stuck on bad ideas that don't work and the more they insist that those obviously failed ideas that don't make sense are the only way to do things the smaller their party gets and the more extreme those who are left become. And good luck selling your confusing mixed up ideas to a public that continues to reject the same crap George W. Bush said, which is the same crap John McCain ran on, which is the same crap Mitt Romney ran on and the same crap that came out of Marco Rubio's mouth when water wasn't going in it. Your problem isn't your salesman, dear Republicans, it is the snake oil they are selling.

The problem with being a party for ignorant paranoid white people who are addicted to magical thinking and reject facts, science and even common sense is that at some point all you are left with are ignorant paranoid white people who are addicted to magical thinking and reject facts, science and even common sense.

Years ago I wrote a post to Republicans titled 'We're sorry you're stupid, but you're not allowed to hold back the rest of the class anymore.. That was back in 2009. Since then the GOP has only gotten dumber, insulating themselves in a world of the incestuous amplification of RW media so that they don't have to deal with the disastrous effects of their own policies. Republicans are the cause of their own misery, and the cause of our misery too. Republican ideas are bad and Republicans should feel bad, and the result of clinging to bad ideas that the public universally rejects is that after awhile the ideas that have totally failed, ideas that fly in the face of common sense, the idea that Republicans totally believe in only make sense if you are stupid.

Now I am not calling all Republicans stupid, just the vast majority of them. I understand why 1% of the population votes Republican. As for the rest of them, if the most expensive thing you can fit in your house is an assault rifle designed for war than no one is every going to rob you because you are poor white trash.

Vent off/

I leave the floor open to you.


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