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Hey Kossacks!

How have you all been?  Me?  Stressful.  Got a job, potentially career change in the works, and it's forced and yes the guy is a moron and I've had enough.

(A beer in the right part of PDX / Metro area may reveal more :) )

I read, and it's been good to keep somewhat connected, but it's also been good to check out for a bit and just get life sorted.  That's not done, but I'm on my way.

How do we get more of these running?

Seriously?  How?  I see this, and I'm just stoked!  This guy is me.  He thinks like I do.  He cares about the things I do.  And he's the "BETTER" in "MORE AND BETTER" Democrats.

Visit his highly entertaining and down to earth page!

During my leave, I've been watching those GOP clowns and just thinking....

They lie, they cheat, they don't care, they forget the past, they won't admit any error at all, they are greedy, corrupt, and a whole lot of them, perhaps 23 percent of the population over all are some or all of racist, bigot and theocrat.

I think we all know there are no real deals to be had.  Hell, the stated policy is "make him fail" and that's because any success at all leads to admitting or having to own an era of fantastically terrible governance most of us can only wonder if it's possible to do worse!

(it is)

We need numbers.  It's that simple now.  There is no perfect pitch, no awesome argument, no scheme, formula, whatever that will work because they don't want it to work.  In fact, they can't be who they are and have it work at all, so it won't work, ever so long as they have some ability to make sure it doesn't work.

And that means they don't really want it better, they just want to be in charge.

So how can we get more of these running?  Everywhere.  Seriously?

I want it better.  I really do.  I call, I write letters, I can't run but man if I could...  seeing this guy makes me want to, and I want to believe too.  I need to believe it's possible to trump the dollars, post up some real numbers, take shit back and just beat these clowns back into the dark holes, clubs and alleyways where they used to live before the bright Republican bulbs thought it a good idea to win elections by validating and empowering the very worst of us in return for votes that benefit the very wealthy among us.

Now that they are out and proud, we are kind of fucked, and that 23 percent really doesn't care because they have an issue.  Doesn't matter what it is, they just have one and the world can burn for all they care because that issue is the only thing that matters.  Could be any combination of the usual shit:

-letting the gays marry,
-God, but only their God, you know the true god we all need to follow according to their favorite guy who says so, not those other Gods and those other people who say so,
-generally speaking, "those other people", you know, colored ones,
...and on and on it goes!

The world can burn, they don't care, because nothing else matters.  That means they don't matter, you don't matter, and the nation at large doesn't matter either, unless it's all about those issues they somehow have come to prioritize over basic human things we all should be in rough agreement on.

And throughout this garbage we have a great fucking President.  I don't like how he does some things, and I really don't like the pass he's granting to very powerful, wealthy or anybody else who has screwed us over without having to really own it, but that is OK, because I also know Obama is the real deal.  He actually does care.  He actually is working to make it better and is saddled with the most fucked up Congress possible, until the next one, which will be more fucked up it seems.

So how can we get more of these?  That has to be the answer.  I read great people here posting up fantastically good ideas every single day, and I read even more great people here pounding out the best arguments there ever will be, when they aren't beating each other up over what are arguably minor league "who really gives a shit?" differences more often than not that is, but I think you get my point.

None of it will matter where getting the big stuff done is concerned, unless we get MORE BETTER Democrats.  Now don't get me wrong here.  The actions, passion, community, and all the other good stuff Dkos can do does matter, and if anything it limits the damage, educates people and gets us focused on things and that is all good.

I'm not writing about how bad it is here, nor am I saying it's useless.  I am asking how can we get more of those people running so that the efforts we do here and elsewhere get multiplied by those people to the point where we can beat back the worst of the ugly and just make it better?

Cheers all!  To those who know me, "Hey, and yeah, let's catch up in the comments", to those who don't, "I've been around for a while, what's your story?"

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  •  Tip Jar (13+ / 0-)

    ***Be Excellent To One Another***

    by potatohead on Thu Apr 04, 2013 at 11:12:45 PM PDT

  •  Wow, Daylin Leach. I like. (2+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    potatohead, RiveroftheWest

    Can you link his page in your diary?

    3/16/2003 Meet The Press: Dick Cheney re: Iraq: We will be greeted as liberators.

    by cosette on Thu Apr 04, 2013 at 11:25:57 PM PDT

  •  Well, to answer your question, it used to be, (3+ / 0-)

    not so long ago that there were things not talked about in polite company. Money, sex and politics were the sacred secret trinity. The reason they were not to be talked about in polite company was to keep their operations secret and, to be blunt, the fairer sex uninvolved. Not talking money, sex or politics kept the power in the hands of the guys. If the little woman had to put out to get money for groceries, then you know who was in charge.
    So, what needed to happen was that money and sex and politics were made as popular as the national pastime, baseball.  People had to start keeping political stats like they used to tote up ERAs and home runs. They had to discover that, unlike baseball and football and golf, politics has no season, but goes on all year and never stops.
    I think we're getting there. But, it's still not quite understood that politics is not a spectator sport. It's an enterprise in which the people in the stands call the shots and even take their turn at bat. More people have to be induced to run for public office. And, if more do, then each will have to serve less time. Citizenship is a bundle of obligations. Voting is not enough; it's just better than nothing. Republicans are the party of no by default. They're what happens when not enough attention is paid.

    We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Fri Apr 05, 2013 at 01:24:52 AM PDT

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