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In case you're in a place like Denver where it is cold and snowing, and you want to light a fire, I present today's edition of Lou Gohmert's Stupid, It Burns.

Brought to you by the nice people of Think Progress.

The Tea Party favorite said he feared people entering the country illegally or posing as undocumented Hispanic immigrants could carry out “copycat things.” “We know Al Qaeda has camps on the Mexican border,” he said. “We have people that are trained to act Hispanic when they are radical Islamists.”
And that's why we shouldn't have immigration reform. Because Al Qaeda has camps on the Mexican border training radical Islamists to act like Mexicans, sneak into the country, and destroy America by picking strawberries.

And of course no one ever looks twice at a person of color. Just ask Treyvon Martin. Or any black or Hispanic youth in New York City.

And of course that was not all of his stupidity. Not by a long shot.

“We have seen this in Israel,” Gohmert said of the Boston attacks and recalled visiting areas that had been struck by suicide bombers. “Finally the Israeli people said this is enough. They built a fence and the rest is a wall to prevent snipers from telling their kids. They finally stopped the domestic violence from people that wanted to destroy them. I am concerned we need to do that as well.”
The length of the US land borders is ~5900 miles, or ~4400 if you leave out Alaska - Canada. By contrast, Israel has 625 miles of land borders, of which less than half are with the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. It might ... just might ... be a little harder to fence off the United States.

And of course, not a single syllable about the employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers. Can't be anti-business; must be anti-people, especially anti-brown-people.

Finally, there is this.

“You have to understand that we want America to continue to be a haven for people that want to live free,” he added. “When you have the greatest liberties, you will draw people that want to destroy you.”
Yeah. That's it. That explains the hordes of madmen storming the borders of Denmark and Sweden, butchering all in their path.

This concludes today's Lou Gohmert report. You may now resume your regularly scheduled fussin' and fumin' over other stuff.


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