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Boy, it doesn’t take much to set some folks off….

On my Facebook page, there was an image of a light bulb with a question..


I reposted it and my only comment was “Yep!”
(Disclaimer:  I hardly ever post or repost anything on FB).

This is the following reply from one of my FB “friends”.  I did not know this person was a republican apologist, but I know now.  This is a cut and paste, no editing on my part:

“You know I don't usually get involved in these types if posts and I actually scrolled away from it. But seriously. How is this any different than when Obama became president and everything was George bush's fault? Think about it, I don't care who is president or who rules the majority, the other guy is always going to get blamed. God could be president and there will be someone on either side blaming the other and blaming God. I'd gladly become an ex-pat just to get away from this kind of daily whining. (Not saying you are whining)."
I was really surprised by the "blaming God" comment, wierd!  

This was my response, no whining:

Please and thank you.

Please, let me explain. I'm sorry you felt I was "whining", I was simply trying to convey my frustration with our current leadership and the photo seemed to sum it up for me.  


You DO remember when GWB had no problems getting republicans to go along with allocating TRILLIONS of $$ for at least 1 war of choice (maybe 2), unnecessary tax breaks (mostly for the wealthy) and the prescription drug give away for seniors. All of this is caught up and has to be dealt with in an adult way. McConnell and Boehner are not leaders they are obstructionists. They refuse to legislate or even debate any issues, they have made our government dysfunctional AND as a bonus our infrastructure is crumbling. You said "the other guy is always going to get blamed", GWB and Cheney deserve to get blamed, and history will not be kind. Present republicans deserve to get blamed for doing nothing.

Hell PBO has even put SS and Medicare on the chopping block and still the republicans do nothing, not even a debate. Oh and let's never do anything on gun safety, immigration, marriage equality, etc., etc., etc. Obama at least appears to be making an effort.

Thank you for reminding me that not everyone agrees with my opinion or politics. And for also reminding me that some folks have very short memories and perhaps may be less informed or even misinformed on the issues. I have taken the down the post.  Peace

It seems that the tables sure have turned when Republicans are threatening to leave the country.  I guess I hit a nerve, (giggles!).
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