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Screenshot of Sarah Palin facebook posting
Hunter already tackled Sarah Palin's deep thoughts, though he concluded with this warning:
I am deeply sorry for inflicting Sarah Palin on all of you, dear readers. My editors made me do it. As flimsy consolation, I will warn you not to read the fawning Facebook comment thread on that post, since is so absolutely crazy as to make you suspect the entire conservative movement is just a put-on.
Guess what's below the fold?

President O can do better that is all he does is talk in circles which ever way the wind blows, He dosen't care about our country, he has shown that with Bengazi, He and Hillary covered that up until he was re-elected and he spoke at planned parenthood today while he hasen't said a word about the Doctor who murdered all those babies. All he cares about is himself and partying with Hollywood. But the Truth always comes out in the end and nothing in life is free like all the people who are depended on the Government to take care of them. He has them right where he wants them. Sick of seeing people with WIC and food stamps and a bis Dutch Brothers coffee in the other hand.
If Obama doesn't comment on every criminal facing trial today, then Benghazi!
Obama should have NEVER ended his speech to the Planned Parenthood Gala with the words, "God bless Planned Parenthood". He might as lifted his middle finger toward the heavens.
No lightning bolt, so god is cool with it.
Pres. Obama also flipingly said he'd have no problem offing his own grandchild if one of his daughters got pregnant. Can we expect anything else out of him except complete disregard for the life of a child? I sure hope Gosnell gets the death penalty.
p.s. ... Benghazi?
Sarah: PLEASE spread the word that for those who consider themselves so HONORABLE by supporting the Susan B. Komen fund also have a portion of every dollar donated by them given to the Planned Parenthood!! What GOOD does it do to spare a life while donating to TAKE another's??!!! Surely, one can donate to an organization that will use ALL their money for good rather than for MURDER!!! I'm repelled every time I hear the name, Susan B Komen....Race for the cure!! They should also add "Race to the abortionist"!!!
Race to the abortionist would be HILARIOUS.
You can call it whatever you like and wrap it in pretty paper, abortion is genocide no matter how you try to disguise it, and we condone it and pay for it every day!!!
Yup. That abortion tax is too high.
Thank you Sarah, we need to empower women and girls with better choices so they NEVER have to face this choice.
Like expanded post-natal services? You mean stuff like that?
Million and million babies get butchered legally permission from Obama, what kind of human being are these people?
He signs off on every single one of them. And laughs while doing it!
I've never commented on your link before, but I would like to suggest that, if possible, you try to start a "grassroots" rally in Washington DC. That's one thing I would go into debt for. We need another "12th of Sept" rally, hopefully before the next election. I believe that you may be the one person that could put something like this together. PS: I'm a former POW and, Heaven help me, I'm beginning to wonder what I sacrificed for.
Good use of those scare quotes around "grassroots".
She is a good lady and I hope someday that she will be able to make a big political statement
What, tanking the McCain ticket wasn't big enough of a statement?
Thank you governor Palin I wish more people in government would protect innocent life. It's not the baby's fault for its conception and to kill it for reasons that don't even make sense to me is wrong. To those who think abortion is right don't know my father in heaven. He sees all and will judge all the people who allow this procedure either directly or indirectly.
1) All abortions need to be approved by this random person on the internet, who
2) thinks she's Virgin Mary?
In another time in the United States, our president would have just committed moral suicide. Shows how far the U.S. has fallen.
Not sure what a moral suicide is, in this or any other time.
Not only that he is letting the Boston Bomber loose, I bet. How do the people that were hurt there feel about that.
It's that Saudi guy who had nothing to do with anything, right? Or maybe the teens the NY Post slapped on its cover?
you r right Sarah Palin .i hope ur such policies are continue to help such issue.which ignored when they are in government power
If only there was a state she could've governed for more than a short while before quitting where she would've actually had power over "policies"...
It makes me so sick to even think of the travesties he endorses.....What a sad state of affairs. Also sad that he is bound for hell if he doesn't repent and turn from so many of his ways. This four years can not end soon enough! Thank you Sarah for constantly reminding us of these things.
Four years? Wait until you have to suffer through eight more of Hillary! Your own personal hell won't be mythical like the one to which you think Obama is headed.
Again Sarah, Well said. Please continue always with your uplifting and inspiring words. Soooo many of us in the hidden masses are with you. You're an awesome talent and speak the truth so well. God bless you and your wonderful family. Saw Trig's Happy 5th Birthday pics. He's grown into such a handsome young man. I hv a 5 yr old grandson, How, How could ANY human on this planet harm those precious little souls,God places in our care, bf ever knowing Gods plan for that precious little one's life. I've never seen a tiny infant wo thinking, this must be just a tiny bit of Heaven sent down by God to remind us just how much He loves us and how fearfully and wonderfully we are made. Again Sarah, God bless you always! You Go Mama Grizzly!!!
The hidden masses better stay hidden. They're kinda creepy.
hope she runs again for president
We all do. Oh boy, do we ever do.
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