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That headliine is NOT in error.

This morning, Survey USA put out it's results for the State of Kansas.. and it's a stunner to say the least.

Sam Brownback, who has served in Kansas as a Congressman, U.S. Senator, and now Governor, is in danger of being unseated after one term, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for KWCH-TV in Wichita. Today, the Democratic ticket of Paul Davis and Jill Docking edges the Republican ticket of Brownback and Jeff Colyer, 43% to 39%.

If you have ever wondered how badly damaged the Republican brand is, this is it.   In a deep red state, Sam Brownback - who has used Kansas as an experiment in hopes of a presidential run, finds himself in a dogfight with Democratic Candidate Paul Davis.

Paul Davis, Democratic Senate Minority Leader in our state has made a hardened effort to hit the road, appear in multiple counties.

Sam Brownback's administration is at it's lowest popularity rating.. well, period.   What makes this result interesting is that a similar poll was released earlier in the week with an error:

Republicans pointed out the poll wasn't valid because the question was asked with the wrong name attached.   The Wichita Eagle tossed the results and had the survey run again, different numbers, different respondents to see what the results would be.

"Sam Brownback can't hide from the truth: his policies are hurting Kansas families and they know it," Joan Wagnon, the chairwoman of the Kansas Democratic Party, said in a news release.

When asked their opinion of Brownback, 22 percent called it "favorable" and 47 percent said "unfavorable." The remainder were unsure or neutral.

Clay Barker, chairman of the Kansas Republican Party, expressed skepticism about the polling data.

"They didn't get the name of the Democratic candidate for governor right," Barker said via email. "If they can't get someone's name right, what's your confidence in their ability to accurately do higher math?"

How did it turn out?   With more respondents and a the question corrected... Brownback fell farther in the second attempt, making it a 4 point gap instead of a 2 point gap between the candidates.


At this point with a survey sample in two polls taken over one week there is no denying that Brownback faces a real challenge in 2014.

Kansas deserves better leadership.   Paul Davis offers a real chance for some change in this state.   Kansas is not 'out of reach' or unwinnable, and poll after poll should put Kansas as a state worth the fight.

If you're in this state and you've written it off in the past this is your chance to get active.  If you're a democrat in a safe state that wants to make a serious difference in the direction of our country, this is a chance to put an end to policies like:  Forced Ultrasounds; the ability of biological fathers to sue for emotional damages after abortions; resuming prosecutions of spousal abusers and domestic abuse cases; an education system that isn't hell bent on overturning scientific theory.

If you've got it to spare, and you want a candidate who has the ability to shock a nation, Paul Davis is worthy of a drop or two.

1:56 PM PT:


For those that doubt.

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