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Delusions of Failure

Everyone knows about the disastrous rollout, but that was months ago. Since then, health reform has been steadily making up lost ground. At this point enrollments in the health exchanges are only about a million below Congressional Budget Office projections, and rising faster than projected. So a best guess is that by the time 2014 enrollment closes on March 31, there will be more than six million Americans signed up through the exchanges, versus seven million projected. Sign-ups might even meet the projection.

Thank you, sir. I just wish that he'd given a similar link to our own databob for being the first one to destroy the "Bette in Spokane" story right on this site.

Update: I used to be pretty good about this but have been a bit remiss of late: Thanks as always to ArcticStones, ybruti, MotherShipper, CJB, rugbymom, timmyc, rsmpdx, dadadata, Rolyboy6 and all the others who have been helping crowdsource the data (and in some cases have even made a donation to help cover some of the time spent on this venture).

Update x2: Oh, yeah... a couple more state updates today as well:

New York numbers updated: 241K Private, 139K Medicaid

Kentucky: Total enrollments up another 5K in past 4 days

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