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Just letting the kossacks in on this stunt.  Sharing is caring y'all!  #4moreyears


Grover Norquist is a political hack who ...

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At least, that's what the headlines should be reading since some white supremacist nutjob went on a rampage in Wisconsin and shot 6 fellow Americans dead, including a police officer.

Does this sound familiar yet?  It should.  But every time it happens, it gets discussed in isolation as a "lone gun man" who goes commits an act of domestic terrorism.  

Only problem with that narrative ... it follows a disturbingly frequent trend of hateful neo nazi Tea Party types committing violent acts against fellow Americans.
See below for a list of domestic terrorist attacks from these sickos over the past two decades:


Should GOP & Tea Party be Accountable for Violent Neo Nazi Members who Commit Acts of Domestic Terrorism?

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In response to this recent confrontation at Netroots Nation, Andrew Breitbart directed his staff to publicly ask me for an apology.  My first reaction was, "Yeah, that'll happen when hell freezes over."  Then I thought about it, and I am sorry, just not in the way he expects.

I'm sorry that we have charlatans who pretend to be journalists like Andrew Breitbart, who abuse our interest in public affairs for personal gain.  While he profits off of the destruction of other people's lives, our political conversation in America is polluted, corrupted, and cheapened.  

I'm sorry that the newsmedia has amplified and given credence in our public discourse to a voice like Andrew Breitbart, which will only have deleterious effects.  When a Breitbart storyline is disseminated, you can be sure that someone's life will never be the same and never for the better.  This is not journalism; it is political hatchet jobs dressed up to look like breaking news by a few pretty websites.

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Andrew Breitbart is a

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Bloggers confront Andrew Breitbart at Netroots Nation with tough questions until he leaves like a coward.

Tough Questions included:

Did an employee of yours get arrested last night for harassing young Muslim women in the streets of Minneapolis?

Have you ever done Cocaine? Yes or No?

Have you ever slept with a prostitute? Have you ever slept with a male prostitute?

You ask a lot of tough questions - Why can't you answer them?

The crowd chanted "Coward!  Coward!  Coward!" until he left.  Watch Breitbart leave the conference out the back door with his tail between his legs.

Good riddance.

Video at - sharing is caring.

(Stay tuned to for updates on this story and a longer video explaining whole story, including the video of the guy who harassed the muslim women, will be uploaded here soon.)


Who is today's worst person in the world?

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When bad businesses break the law, it's not just bad for business -- it's bad for families, workers, and all of us as Americans. Last week, in retaliation for workers exercising legally protected rights, Boeing announced they would be moving a factory from Washington state to South Carolina.

Doing this is against the law. In fact, Boeing publicly admitted to it.

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Tonight, we say thank you to Glenn Beck for aiming his sights on US Uncut.  Undoubtedly, his disdain and reckless slander will only draw more attention to the US Uncut message of being against corporate tax dodging and public service cuts.  

Again, thank you to Glenn Beck, you paranoid schizophrenic psychopath.  But why did Beck aim his sights on US Uncut - perhaps its because they have set their sights on Bank of America, one of the worst culprits in the recent financial crisis.

Ever want to yell at 300 billionaires and millionaires who helped wreck the economy?
US Uncut did just that (this video is hilarious & amazing).

At Bank of America's first Investor Conference in three years (3/8/11), organizers from US Uncut crashed the event to protest corporate tax dodgers and public service cuts. The room was packed with 300 hedge fund managers, institutional investors, & asset managers.

The video says it all with US Uncut's simple message:

"When corporations like Bank of America don't pay their fair share of taxes, we have to 'cut' teachers, firefighters, and public servants."

"Do you pay your taxes? So do we. Why don't corporations pay their fair share, just like everyone else?"

"Bank of America is Bad for America. Bank of America pockets Billions in profits and bailouts, but $0 in American taxes - that's immoral and un-American."

Tax avoidance is immoral.  If corporations paid their fair share, just like the rest of us, we could solve every state budget crisis without firing one more teacher, we could solve the federal deficit without touching Social Security, and we could put America back to work and drive down unemployment.  Wisconsin would not have a "budget crisis" if Gov Walker hadn't handed corporate tax dodgers more tax breaks and used public workers as a scapegoat for the problems he created.  

We should start to fight back here and now, by defining the real villain in the room - it's not the government, it's not the union, and it's not your neighbor - it's the corporate tax dodger that abandoned America long ago by storing profits in tropical tax havens and shipping millions of jobs overseas.

Growing from less than 500 to over 13,000 facebook fans in a matter of days and holding protests in 50 cities around the country, US Uncut is poised to be the spark that lights the powderkeg of a real populist movement in America.

Here's their "motto of the movement" too:
The revolution will be tweeted, liked, & shared. We the People Win. #epic

Sounds good to me!  How about you?  Let's do this people!


More than Tea Parties & Mama Grizzlies, last year’s election will be remembered in history as an electoral atrocity perpetrated by the Citizens United v. FEC decision of the U.S. Supreme Court.  For Progressives looking for answers post-election, Citizens United is the elephant in the room.  

This week is the one year anniversary of this landmark decision that, boiled down into its essence, allows any organization or company to spend unlimited dollars on TV ads in the final weeks of federal elections.  
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What is the best fix for the Supreme Court's Citizen United v. FEC decision?

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‎"Palin's list has a gun sight over our district; they have to realize there are consequences to that."
~ Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Nov 2010

“The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous. … People tend to [downplay] this business about all the vitriol we hear inflaming the American public by people who make a living off of doing that. That may be free speech, but it's not without consequences.”
~ Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik press conference on Rep. Giffords Shooting 1-8-10
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Which right-winger's rhetoric is most responsible for the attack on Rep. Giffords?

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