Recently I’ve been more concerned about the debate over Net Neutrality, something I think I share with many people who use the Internet. The current debate has many people confused and I think the problem arises because both sides support values that Americans hold dear: "freedom of speech," "non-discrimination," "free market competition," and "consumer choice" are all values almost every American would claim to support.  And yet, the first two are the pillars of Pro-net neutrality, while the latter two are the tenants of Anti-net neutrality.  How can they be reconciled?

My proposal is a solution to this problem.

I believe it is the best solution for the issue of net neutrality because it allows for all four of those key values to be respected – thus pleasing both sides and making it an easy solution for Americans to get behind.

I call it "Opt-out Net Neutrality."  It’s a compromise, for sure, but a compromise that I think will allow Broadband Service Providers (BSPs) to invest in next-generation infrastructure while ensuring that the Internet remains a place for free speech for speakers both rich and poor.  It would allow BSPs to charge different fees for different levels of service, while enabling users to access any Internet site.