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We all now Sue Lowden....well this will remind you who she is:

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It's universal theme of learning that children ape their parents that is how we learn not just language but also social behaviours.

We think it's cute that when children dress like their mothers or fathers the sight of a miniaturised copies of ourselves amuses us.

however there is a difference between your children dressing like you in an evening gowns and your children dressing like you in your most provocative attire.

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Wed May 12, 2010 at 07:03 AM PDT

Improving poll numbers for demo-cats

by Aarom


Democrats have been resurgent ever sense the health care bill was passed, ever sense Mars poll numbers have been improving, I have in a previous diary shown the fortunes of Ohio Democrats .

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Have you heard about the man, who sold his soul to the devil, just to find out, that his soul was actually synthetic collateralized debt obligation bundled by Goldman Sachs. Well, Arlen Specter is about to find out that Ed Randell can't save his ass and all of Philadelphia's money can't buy him the democrats love.

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The reports of the zombie democrats (walking-dead) are greatly exaggerated. Over the month of April I have noticed a marked poll number and approval improvement for democrats across many races;the presidents polls and that Of democratic senators and would be senators have improved so much so that even uncle-Ras (Rasmussen) is forced to admit it. This below is a summing of the poll trends in Ohio and Missouri plus the polling numbers for the president and the democratic Congressional numbers  

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Most of you have seen Ronald Brownstein on Hardball, he's from the national journal a political analyst, expert on "scare the democrats propaganda".
We all know that Chris Matthew is a racialist, meaning he can't help but view the world in racial or ethnic terms, sometimes he forgets that "Barack Obama is a black man".I have always wondered why Brownstein was his favorite analyst...wonder no more.

polling just before the bill's approval showed that most white Americans believed that the legislation would primarily benefit the uninsured and the poor, not people like them. In a mid-March Gallup survey, 57 percent of white respondents said that the bill would make things better for the uninsured

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Sun Mar 21, 2010 at 03:17 PM PDT

HR-HCR Waterloo

by Aarom

few bills are lucky enough to have a good name. let's give this bill a theme song of its own. In case you don't know about Dimint's "Waterloo"  


Should front page post the ABBA video at the time of the bills passage

87%86 votes
12%12 votes

| 98 votes | Vote | Results

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