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This weekend on "60 Minutes" we saw another shocking flip flop
from Mitt Romney. While his other flip-flops can be explained as blatant
pandering to reach the conservative base, his statement on "60 minutes" represented a departure from rational thought. Watch:



There is something very concerning about his statement. Politicians, Political Pundits and even insurers have agreed that the high number of uninsured people using the ER as their
primary form of healthcare is driving up costs across the board. In fact, a Families
USA study found that uninsured use of the ER room cost all American families
and average of $1000 extra per year.

Bruce Bodaken, the CEO and Chairman of Blue Shield
California echoes this sentiment:

Uninsured individuals end up getting the most
costly care possible - in the emergency room. It costs $91, for example, to
treat a patient with strep throat in a doctor's office. Treating that same
patient in the emergency room costs more than three times as much - $321.

When massive amounts of Americans are uninsured, they look to the ER as their
primary care, it increases costs. It's a very simple equation. Even the Mitt Romney of old shared this same
thought. Here’s a look at his greatest hits highlighting the cost of ER health care.

 "People who don't have insurance nonetheless receive health
care. And it's expensive."

–Mitt Romney, NPR

"Otherwise you're just passing your
expenses on to someone else," Romney said. "That's not Republican,
that's not Democratic, that's not Libertarian. That's just wrong."
Romney, NPR

“By law, emergency care cannot
be withheld. Why pay for something you can get free? Of course,
while it maybe free for them, everyone else ends up paying the bill, either in
higher insurance premiums or taxes.”  
From a Wall Street Journal editorial Mitt
Romney wrote.

He has shown time and time
again that he fundamentally believes the model of leaving uninsured people to
use the ER, is not a sustainable solution for America’s healthcare system… and
yet he said this:

"Well, we do provide care for people
who don’t have insurance. If someone has a heart attack, they don’t sit in
their apartment and die. We pick them up in an ambulance, and take them to the
hospital, and give them care. And different states have different ways of
providing for that care.”
 - Mitt Romney, 60 Minutes

This statement represents a departure from all rational thought Mitt Romney has held as a business person and Governor. It reeks
of desperation, and further confirms he has no spine, no original ideas and would take us back to an inefficient healthcare.  He no longer believes in his values but is being persuaded by handlers, advisers, CEOs and who knows who else. 

This fall we must send a clear message
to Mitt Romney, that universal health care is not just a right, but better for
all Americans. Will you sign our pledge to vote Democrat this fall, so that we
can keep health care reform moving towards Medicare for all, and not back to
Romney’s broken ER for all.


It was early spring 2011 and Democrats were coming to terms with their crushing midterm election losses, when newly minted Budget Committee Chairman, Paul Ryan, showed just what this Republican Congress planned to do with their new found power. He introduced his radical budget that gutted Medicare and turned it into a voucher program. 

All but four Republicans voted for the Ryan Budget as it passed the House, but American voters were fired up against the bill. Shortly after the bill was introduced there was a special election in New York's 26th District to fill disgraced GOP Congressman Chris Lee’s seat. This district was heavily  conservative - the district voted for McCain 52-46 and overwhelmingly supported Bush, 55-43. The Democratic candidate, it was believed, had no shot of winning,until her GOP opponent proudly declared she would vote for the Ryan budget. Not surprisingly voters in this New York district came out in strong support of the Democrat who stood up and defended Medicare, causing her to win the district 47-43.

This special election had Republicans on Capitol Hill rattled. “We definitely have to determine the extent to which the Medicare issue hurt us,” New York Republican Rep. Pete King said.

Even more worrisome for Republicans was lifelong GOP voters where afraid of the Paul Ryan voucher plan. Here is what they had to say from a New York Times report:

Pat Gillick, a Republican from East Amherst, who also cast a ballot for Ms. Hochul (the Democrat), said, “The privatization of Medicare scares me.”
 “I have almost always voted the party line,” said Gloria Bolender, a Republican from Clarence who is caring for her 80-year-old mother. “This is the second time in my life I’ve voted against my party.”

Here we are just over a year later and recent polling by DFA found that Americans are still overwhelming opposed to the Ryan voucher program. Democracy for America’s Founder, Governor Howard Dean discussed these numbers on the Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell earlier this week:

To recap, the people who oppose Paul Ryan’s plan to make Medicare a voucher program outnumber supporters of the plan 3 to 1. This is key in swing states like New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Make no mistake, Romney's VP pick, Paul Ryan, has a plan to turn Medicare into a voucher program. This Ryan voucher plan is too radical and Americans want no part of it.

Let’s take a closer look at the numbersIn New Hampshire, which the Romney campaign has targeted as a must win, voters prefer a candidate who supports Medicare, to one who wants Ryan’s voucher program, 64-20. This is not only good news for President Obama, but also Annie Kuster and Carol Shea-Porter, who are both running against Republicans who voted for the Ryan voucher plan.

Whether it is the conservative Northern New York district that voted  Democratic or today’s most important swing states, the Ryan voucher program is scary for Democrats and Republicans alike. Romney, in picking Ryansolidified vouchers as a core principal of his campaign and Republican Party. Now it’s up to all of us to let people know just how radical the Romney-Ryan ticket is.





To steal a line from the GOP playbook - our fundamental rights are under attack. Except unlike the GOP this statement is not just political hyperbole used for partisan gain. Across the country, Republicans are attacking our most basic right... the right to vote.

Republicans know that when voter turnout is high, Democrats win. So rather than being the patriotic American’s that they claim to be, they are actively working to restrict American’s right to vote as means to stay in power. As this goes on across the country, Ohio is taking it to a whole new level.

Jon Husted, the Ohio Secretary of State, serves as the tie breaking vote on whether or not to keep polling locations open extended hours. As the tie breaking vote he voting to end extended polling location hours in Ohio’s urban (and mostly democratic) areas, while leaving the suburban (and mostly republican) areas open. This is the most blatant partisan attack on voting rights we have seen to date. But we can change that - click here to demand Husted restore expanded polling locations hours for ALL counties!

Right now the outlook for a fair election in Ohio is very dim. Check out this recap by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow of all that Husted has done to restrict voting rights in Ohio.

Whether you're a Democrat or a Republican, you should be outraged by this blatant partisan attack on our most fundamental right, the right to an open and free election. Now is the time for action and we must send a strong message to Husted, that we will not stand for his attack on our democracy. We remember 2004 with the long lines and Bush narrowly winning Ohio-- and we will not stand for it again. Join us in sending a strong message to John Husted. It is time to put a stop to the attack on our voting rights.

This is a chance to stand together and defend our democracy. Sign our petition today and tell your friends and neighbors. 



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